How i can reset my Server?!

Hey dudes, after a Hacker we need a reset on my server!

I dont know what to do?! Help me please.

Thx. :frowning:

Try deleteing the save folder? idk

delete rust_server_data to wipe

I hope you didn’t follow the advice of any of these players as it’s all wrong

You want to delete ONLY your server map files and player data files, deleting everything will delete your bans.cfg / server.cfg and you don’t want to erase either of those

Simply go to your


Then inside you want to delete

rust_island_2013.sav including all the backups under it, they are named rust_island_2013.sav.old.#here

Then you want to delete the entire folder “userdata”

YOU DO NOT DELETE the folder called “cfg”

That folder contains all the players you’ve banned, and your server.cfg, which has your startup commands/rcon password and etc.

Once you delete the world data and userdata, and can startup your server again and it will launch freshly wiped and still retain your banned players/config