How I feel when *Scenario* *Video Clip*

Basically start the post with ‘How I feel when’ and then a scenario in rust. To finish off, post a video clip ( doesnt have to relate to Rust at all ) but could be used in context with the scenario.

For example -

How I feel when our rivals have raided our group.

For example -

How I feel when I see 10 raiders running over the hill to our base.

I will add more when I think of some, feel free to post any of your ‘How I feel when’ :slight_smile:

this is dumb as fukk

How I feel when I am nice to a naked but then accidently kill him.


How I feel when I logged out in my base, but I wake up on the beach:
[video=youtube_share;TfuCKjcdbrE] [/video]

How I feel everytime I get killed by a squeaky-voiced pre-teen:

How I feel on those rare occasions when I win a fight:

How I feel when I found a codelock BP and I’m on my way home.

How I feel before our group goes to raid.

How I feel when a POW begs me to let him live

How I feel when stalking a guy…