How i get Rust Keys?

Yes the answer is the Title.

How become a rust alpha key?

Thanks for messages

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - Craptasket))

By reading the sticky which you obviously didn’t do…

where is the sticky can you send me a link ?

i see this not :smiley:


obviously you did not read the general conditions you register … bad for you …

It’s simple - you don’t get one!

Oh sorry my mistake i read this.

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delete this theard, pls

At Facepunch - we don’t so the shame lives on - you might even get featured in the ‘Drop Dead’ board I’d your shame leaks into other boards.

Killer, sorry my english is not the best and i see the first time the “sticky theard” not

funny that you’re so rude.