How I handled the thief

Hi, So I play rust every day a few hours. The server i play on rarely has allot of people its something like 5-30 people max at a time. On the server I play on I am the shot caller for the largest group and am allied with all similarly sized groups. I know it doesn’t suit convention and allot of people here would take advantage of what happened as well but I thought I had a neat lesson and story here for those who will humor me.

So lets call this guy douchenozzel. Douchenozzel seemed to be strugling as indicated in the all chat and had been raided again, he was upset cause he was fairly new to the game. Now i myself like to help all the noobies i can while im on, and sometimes i give them more then i should. I have helped more then 20 players setup on the server. On my mountain alone are 7 bases made by people i helped. So now i get to know him over a day or so and i decide you know what ill give him perms to 1 of my many bases. This 1 was a farming base i thot since hes fairly new he would like to farm and make his own base. I showed him my 6k wood gathered and told him I would use that to help him rebuild the decaying base beside the farming base. I gave him passwords to the base and went off.


Why would i not be worried? well I am by far 1 of the most powerful people on this server and every1 else who has any power is a friend of mine except a small handful of people. Now that means I am aware that any part of the map he could go to with my stuff I could track and destroy him. So here I am thinking this guys not stupid enough to steal with me. Wrong, people aren’t that way. You know that, I know that, we know that but alas, I am a idiot.


Come few hours later i log in and decide to help him finish what he was suposdto have started before he went off and find all the wood gone :O.

Hmm time to msg him. HEY hes on rust. Hey where are you did u move the wood?

**Douchenozzel: I dcd and when i came back it was gone :C

What the heck do you mean?

Douchenozzel: Idk man, im bringing it to you. Someone killed me. I lost it all

well you are gona haveto farm that up, it wasnt easy to farm

Douchenozzel: akda;klfmds ok blabla bla

10 mins later in all chat

**Somekid: douchenozzel why u kick me out i didnt do anything i helped u steal this kids stuff bla bla

douchenozzel: Im a douchenozzel


So now I add somekid and guess what, he explains how douchenozel had him help steal everything there

hmmm this is a major accusation. A few conversations with his buddies who are bad at lieng and acting dumb confirm my suspicions.

He agrees to pay me back without directly agreeing to have stolen my wood. Consider it. Accept offer. Then he attempts to negotiate down the amount of wood he will return. His friend who feels bad completely confirms what happened then gives me the location of the base they made with my wood. I dont want to hurt the innocents but he leads them and he made this call. WHAT TO DO?

Well I cant let him get away with this and I cant allow a guy like this to try and gain power on the server and be a threat to me in the future or any1 else. Do I really want to haveto give any respect to a guy like this? No.

He is offline? Raid time. Replace the metal doors of the base made with my resources. Idiot left 2 doorways in the back with no doors giving me access to 90% of a 4 story base. Metal doors placed. Base is mine. Took w.e he had left. Base was worth more then 10k. I guess it sorta makes up for it. But I gotta vow to not let this guy feel safe on this server again.

Next day. Login. Som1 is adressing me

Friend1: ppl were plotting against you, they want to raid u and take ur c4

My reaction : LOL they have nothing at all i have 7 bases and the one with my personal stash of c4 is like 8 floors with like 7 vaults and constant 1x1 cubes. He needs allot of c4 to get to this. YEs you cant use stairs, you cant use pillar exploit. ITs gota be all c4 to get thru anywhere in this base. See thru wall hack doesnt even work its got boxes in every room. Good luck finding loot rooms. Stairs arent even in 1 location, they are at different location per level.

Decision time, what do I do? Completely crush them, flex muscles, be alpha. Put out word to any1 who he tries to get help from, explain what he did. If they offer him help crush them instantly after first warning. Guy with only 1 friend whos base i know the location of takes him in. I warn him if he takes them in I will come for them. Send in a guy (Lets call him hitman) i barley know as a undercover agent cause he has been raided recently and they know each other. They take him in and give him passwords soon after. Time to move. Hitman kills some of them, says its clear, we run in. We go through entire base and kill them, kill them again, replace 2 doors, take more of their stuff. Then we disappear.

Now the lesson I learned is to be less trusting cause people will take advantage of you because the average man is too stupid to know what hes doing. Now some of you may feel I deserved to lose my stuff cause I was so unprepared. My personal opinion is I also deserved the pleasure of sweet revenge because I was smart enough to have the power I did. I wana hear had you made my mistake what would you have done to handle the situation. Was it too harsh crushing anyone that helped him? I plan on having him quit the server. The same goes for his friends who repeatedly insulted me till 2am while I silently chuckled at their messages but didn’t bother responding until one of them said the gold words at the tip of everyone tongue.

kid1: It takes some special kind of shit to start a war against some guys over stealing his stuff. Stealing and lieng are part of the game grow up you virgin.

My response: Raiding is part of the game too.

The end.

For the TLDR: Kid i tried to help stole 6k wood. I tracked him and crushed his first base. Then he tried to gain power by moving in with som1 else. Crushed them too. No regrets.

You know you’re bored when you read all of this.

You should have just let it go. Learn from your mistakes, let him build up so you can have some fun in the future. No point in keeping the skinny man hungry. Feed him so you can have an equal opponent at a later time.

I enjoy waiting until they are spewing constant raid threats on me to raid because then not only do I get a good kick of raiding them, as well as knocking out the competition, but I get tons of gear back.

I figured im responsible to my community for keeping the area they live in safe and I felt that I hadto annihilate the threat instantly. I considered the other options but I thought why risk saftey for greed. Idk that was just my thought process