How I keep my computer from freezing during a compile!

It’s no secret that Hammer effectively makes a computer unusable during a map compile. I know there are 3rd party compilers to get around this, but I thought I would share a different method that keeps my computer from freezing (or even lagging) during a native compile from within Hammer:

Process Lasso

You can use this application to limit the compiler to use only a certain amount of cores on your CPU, so that your computer will not freeze. It’s pretty much a set up once and forget about it process:

^Process Watchdog effectively limits the CPU usage to 75% when compiling, and only adds on 30 seconds to a regularly 8 minute compile time. You can have Process Lasso run in the background when the computer starts, so that you can completely forget about it once you’ve applied your settings.

Just thought I would share this with any fellow mappers who are interested! It is a paid application (if you’re honest and don’t look for it elsewhere). Well worth the money for how often I compile maps, plus it has a lot of other useful features.

I wish I had of known this…

Maybe this will keep your computer from exploding every time you try to build a solution.

I just used VBCT rather than Hammer’s compiler.

That works, but I thought I’d share this method as well. I just like keeping everything within Hammer, personally.

If you have a multicore cpu (who doesn’t these days) you can limit the number of threads (and thus the number of cores used effectively) with the “-threads #” advanced compile parameter for each tool, where # is a number of threads, I used to use 1 less than the number of corse available. You can also set it to a low priority process with the “-low” parameter. These are all native to hammer and dont require third party software, although it’s worth noting everything in this thread will significantly increase compile times.

Interesting… I haven’t heard of this method before.

Although I wouldn’t consider a 7% decrease in speed (in my case) very significant when I can actually use my computer during that time.

Depends how long the compile is in total. Getting up off my arse and getting some tea is always welcome.

Makes me feel like I actually do other things in my life

Well you could lower the compile time if you could get VMPI to work. Currently the workers will regurgitate on computing the ambient leaf lighting for some unknown reason, resulting in direct radioisty without bouncing.