How I learned to stop worrying and love the AK

Awhile back I posted a thread called “Nerf the AK”. My thinking was that it is the only weapon clans choose to use for pretty much all situations. The only time you see them use anything else is right after a wipe, when they still can’t afford the HQ metal, or in new clans which don’t have any members with the blueprint. A lot of work went into the other weapons, but nobody uses them, especially the melee weapons.

As you would expect, my humble suggestion was greeted with the usual fan boy comments:
“The AK is fine, change your play style!”
“It’s not the gun that sucks, it’s YOU who suck”
“The game is in Alpha, stop complaining!”

Of course, I ignored this advice and continued trying to play with my semi-automatic pistol and machete, and kept on getting pnwed in most encounters in which I did not have total surprise over an AK equipped target. So finally, I swallowed my pride and got myself an AK.

And now I’m lovin’ it!

The AK is the best gun for every imaginable combat situation. If your clan can maintain a mining operation, you’ll have no trouble keeping yourself stocked with AKs, and there’s no reason whatsoever to ever use a different kind of gun, or to carry a melee weapon unless it is for role-playing reasons. Or you like losing fights.

Long range sniping: The AK is the best in this category. The only real competition is the bolt action. The bolt’s scope is better, but the AK with standard sights has less wobble and feels more precise. Most importantly, the AK does not need to be cocked after every shot, allowing you to quickly adjust your aim and take another shot before the target can react. The AK also has a huge magazine, which is a big advantage when trying to pick off an evading target.

Medium range: The bolt action rifle’s scope can actually become more of a problem than a help at medium range. Since the AK does more damage than the other guns (except the bolt), has equal or better accuracy, and a large magazine, the AK is the best choice for a medium range fight.

Short range: Again, the AK excels here. In a frantic, short range fight, it’s spray and pray, and the AK gods are very likely to answer your prayers. The bolt is a very awkward weapon at short range, and the AK does more damage than any other gun and has a larger magazine, so once again it is the best choice. And if anyone should be so foolish as to charge you with a melee weapon, just give 'em the whole nine yards. They’ll die no matter how much they dance and jump.

Once I realized that I couldn’t beat them, I joined them! Now I usually win fights against lesser weapons, and am 50-50 against other people with AKs. It’s nice to be on the winning side for a change. And it will stay the winning side for the foreseeable future.

Awhile back, the devs were making noises about how disappointed they were that they had made all these interesting melee weapons, but the only melee weapon anyone ever used was the spear, so they nerfed the spear. Now that’s all well and good for melee weapon balance, but to put it succinctly, you’ve got to have rocks in your head to go around with a melee weapon expecting to win fights against people with automatic weapons, especially the AK.

The devs complain that people aren’t using the melee weapons, but it is the melee weapons and bow they nerf, NOT the automatic guns. If you want to win, follow what the devs DO, not what they SAY. As a proud AK owner, the devs have recently confirmed and strengthened my choice by:

Nerfing the bow some more! It is now harder to aim, slower to fire, and does less damage. This is a GREAT decision! Every now and then someone with a bow would precision head shot me before I could spray bullets in his general direction and win the fight. Now these naked, clanless savages are much less dangerous to a fully geared AK monkey like myself!

Nerfing the spear: As I mentioned above, nerfing the spear brought it more in line with the rest of the melee weapons, which is to say COMPLETELY USELESS against my AK. The only time a guy with a melee weapon can expect to beat a guy with an AK is if the AK owner is out of bullets, AFK, or asleep.

Increasing bullet velocity: Um, THANKS! Now I don’t need to lead those nakeds so much.

The moral is: If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. If you find yourself losing too many fights, get yourself an AK. Win a few fights for a change–you won’t be sorry!

in honesty, this just reinforces that the ak is imbalanced when compared to the rest of the weapons, and that melee weapons are really just a gimmick at this stage when competing with guns.

i have seen “medievel” styled arena matches with bows and the melee weapons, and they seem well balanced against each other; but its almost like melee/primitive gear is tier 1, low grade guns tier 2 and high grade guns(more specifically the AK) suddenly shoot up to tier 4. there is just too wide a gap between the highest grade weapons and the next tier down.

i’m sure all this will be balanced out eventually, but i think doing things like nerfing the entry grade weapons is not the path to balancing.

I love Dr. Strangelove <3

I have only found it good for medium-long-ish range.

I’ve looted my fair share of AK’s by taking advantage of mountains with the bolty, even a bodyshot from a bolty is much more severe then an AK shot.

The AK is more suited to open environments where there isn’t a way to close the distance, at shorter ranged the MP and Tommy outgun it due to higher rate of fire.

The AK can be compared with the G3A3 in Battlefield 3 but with worse accuracy.

Can’t tell if you are serious or not… 10/10 post, lol.

The AK should be less common, not weaker. The bow nerf happened due to a topic here that asked for it with many butthurt AK monkeys shouting “too stronk” etc.

So The AK is undoubtedly the strongest gun. However I managed to give some AK people headshots with a bow and I even killed two with a machete during a raid.

Pump shotgun is my #1 choice for short range and for long range its definetely the bolt.
I almost never carry an AK with me even though I sometimes got 10 or more in stock. I carry a bolt.
Its the gun that best fits my style of playing because there might be someone with an AK but he has to spot me first. I usually notice other players before they notice me. I let them pass and keep hiding.

Of course I got killed a lot too by AK carriers but I am not really mad about it. Its an assault rifle, how its supposed to be.

The Bolt is way superior at long range, 9/10 times it’s 1 shot 1 kill for me. And I kinda like the Thompson at close range… AK is only decent at medium range and even then I’d probably fare better with a bolt unless outnumbered.

I would die for a vintorez…

u heard him dj at the party?


I agree! Bows can be dangerous, or at least, they used to be. This recent bow nerf makes me feel a lot safer.

As for making AKs less common, I think that’s a very good idea. They should triple the price! That way, only well organized clans (like my own) can use 'em. Keeps the hoi polloi from competing.

Zushakon: On a shot for shot basis, the bolt is of course better at long range. But if you miss that first shot, you gotta cock and re-aim. With the AK you just adjust and shoot again. And again. And againgaingaingaingaingaingaingain! Yeah! I love the AK!

Just admit that you still hate it.

OH NO! My beloved AK is getting removed from the game?! How will I mow newbies down like wheat before a combine harvester at the airport? How will I get 30 wild shots off at a single sniping victim before I have to reload?

I suppose I can switch to the Thompson, but…it just isn’t going to be the same. Still, the Thompson and the custom SMG can go full auto, so I’ll be OK.