How I would like to see modular guns implemented.

So I love the idea of building your own gun to your specifications, it would add tons of variety to the game as well as be fun and interesting to use. So I came up with a simple system for how I would like to see it work.

There would be 4 main parts, the receiver, the barrel, the magazine and the grip. Though some receivers will not need a magazine, these will make up the basic gun. After these come the stock, iron sights, and forward grip. A gun can be made without these parts though the performance will suffer.

To craft a gun, I think there should be another workbench-type of item used to make and modify weapons. In the interface, there will be the spots for parts of the gun you want lined up in the rough shape of a gun, drag and drop the parts to the designated slot and when there is enough to make it, click a ‘craft’ button. It will then go into the completed item slot for pickup. There should also be a place like we have in our inventory to see the stats of the gun we are building to tweak and change what we want. These stats would be range, recoil, magazine size if applicable, damage, and ammo type.

There should be tons of options available, and I love to brainstorm, so here is a fair warning for a wall of text about gun parts I would like to see for those interested. If not, the ideas listed above are the general idea.

Receivers: Determines the base damage, ammo type, fire rate, reload time, range, recoil, and possibly the magazine of the weapon. This is what the gun nearly revolves around as a base.

Simple break action: Just like the pipe shotgun we have now, takes handmade shells. Low damage. No magazine. Very slow rat of fire. Long reload. Low range.

Advanced break action: Similar to the simple version, takes shotgun shells and reloads slightly faster. Perhaps a double barreled variant? .Moderate damage. No magazine. Very slow rate of fire. Long reload. Low range.

Pump action: Fires much faster than break action and holds more ammo as well. Takes shotgun ammo. High damage. No magazine. No forward grip (the pump is the grip in this case). Slow rate of fire. Long reload. Low range.

Lever action: All Facepunch would need to do is add a cowboy hat and rideable horses and you can live out your western fantasies! Can come in a pistol ammo or rifle ammo version. No magazine. Moderate damage. Slow rate of fire. Moderate reload. Mid range.

Simple bolt action: What we all know and love, though a smaller pistol bullet version would be cool to see as well. Slow rate of fire. No magazine (built in). High damage. Long reload. Long range.

Advance bolt action: Slightly higher damage than the simple version, though this requires a magazine. Slow rate of fire. High damage. Moderate reload. Long range.

8 shot revolver: A revolver on a rifle? Thats right! This was an idea that was somewhat explored in the old west, though the lever action was far more popular. The 8 shot would be for pistol as smaller ammo would leave more space. For a real life version, check this page out: . High rate of fire. Moderate damage. No magazine. Moderate reload. Mid range.

6 shot revolver: Just like the 8 shot, but made for rifle ammo specifically. High rate of fire. High damage. No magazine. Moderate reload. Mid range.

Semi-Automatic: Something I have wanted in the game for a long time. Takes rifle ammo. High rate of fire. High damage. Fast reload. Mid range.

SMG: The simplest automatic receiver. Takes pistol ammo. Very high rate of fire. Low damage. Fast reload. Low range.

Thompson: A step up from the smg. Also uses pistol ammo. Very high rate of fire, moderate damage. Fast reload. Mid range.

AK: Just like the ones on our current AK. Takes rifle ammo. Very high rate of fire. High damage. Fast reload. Mid range.

Barrels: This will highly effect the range of the gun. A longer barrel will have much more range and consistent damage than a smaller one, though smaller barrels do more close range damage. I think this would balance it out so you dont have machine gun snipers.

Snub barrel: Very short and simple. Short range. High damage at close range. Pump action cannot use this.

Sawed off: Slightly better than a snub barrel. Short range. Very high damage at close range. Low damage at mid range.

Pipe: What the pipe shotgun uses. Short range. Moderate close range damage.

Short: Something the size of the thompson barrel. Short range. Moderate close range damage. Low mid range damage.

Mid sized: The size of the ak. Moderate range. Very high close range damage. Moderate mid range damage. Low long range damage.

Long: Used on bigger rifles. High damage at all ranges.

Grips: Used to steady the gun. The better the grip, the less wobble while aiming. Though I only think there should be a highly noticeable difference if there is no forward grip, so this may be mostly cosmetic.

Forward grip: AK, Thompson, wooden stock like the bolt, etc.

Trigger grip: Pistol grip or built in grip like the bolt.

Stocks: Help steady the gun while aiming. This has tiers to it more than many other functions, so the better it is, the less wobble and recoil.

None: What the option may be until you make or find one. Very low accuracy. High recoil.

Crude: Like a carved board, low accuracy. Moderate recoil.

Simple: Like the custom SMG, a minimalist stock. decent accuracy. Moderate recoil.

Decent: Like the AK and Thompson. High accuracy. Low recoil.

Advanced: The best for steady aiming and firing. Very high accuracy. Low recoil.

Magazines: These will determine the ammo capacity of the weapon. Though a bigger magazine means more weight to the gun, so the wobble while aiming will increase with clip size.

5 round: Very high accuracy.

10 Round: High accuracy.

20 Round: Moderate accuracy:

30 Round: Low accuracy.

50 Round drum magazine: Very low accuracy.

Iron sights: Purely cosmetic and to your taste, these are the sights that come with the current guns, though you can choose which you like the best for your gun.

Ok, I think that about wraps it up! For those who read the design ideas, thank you for your time and I would like to know what you guys think, so suggestions and comments are always welcome. I tried to make it balanced in most cases, though if something catches your eye I would like to know. Thanks!

I don’t like it

Well, that was very fast. Any reason you dont like it?

i thought you had died ehmmett. glad to see you still don’t like shit;)

They all seem to be direct upgrades. That’s boring.

I fucking love the idea.

Though I agree that some are obviously better than others (starting parts like the pipe shotgun, etc.) I tried to make the better items balanced as well. So with the items there is always a pro and con to it, like automatic weapons with a large magazine are great up close but suffer greatly at a distance, while the long range guns do better though not as well up close, etc. The only part I see as a direct upgrade would be the stocks since I could not think of a fitting downside to them.

It will be realized in Fallout 4

I feel it’s all just a bit much. Such customization is fine for an FPS where small tweaks can up your game, and get you a better KDR…But this is survival. no one is gonna spend extra on a grip… because a bullet is a bullet. it takes 1-2 shots to die. and when you lose a gunfight, you lose your gun, and wait 100 some odd seconds to respawn.

besides all that, the team has put a lot of effort into crafting distinct firearms. dont think they’ll scrap them in favor of custom guns.

I know they have put a ton of effort into the game thus far and Im not saying ‘add this now or I quit Rust’, though Garry did confirm modular guns were planned. These are just ideas I had if and hopefully when this is added.

I know it will take time and effort, but nothing that facepunch cant handle. Even using the current animations depending on the receiver to save time would work, since the receiver is what the reload animations are based around.

Also, losing a custom gun would add more incentive to stay alive rather than die, respawn, run back, and repeat which we see in raids currently.

Right, but still, i think its just too complicated for too little payoff.

Each weapon should have distinct pros and cons that alter play style drastically. A little less wobble (which has to be implimented in the first place, or a little less recoil, which again needs to be added, isn’t a significant enough change to warrant the time it takes to build your rifle.

What would you think of a simpler system, where each gun is a base gun. then you can mod it from there? i mean its a bit weird to make a long barrel that fits both an AK and a thomson. So, what if you build the Base AK, and if you have the upgrade BP, you can give it a longer barrel, faster fire rate, ect. this way you maintain the feel between different weapons, and still allow you to improve them, if you dont mind the risk.

Also, modding mags are ridiculous to me. In the real world, magazines affect absolutely nothing beyond ammo capacity. and there is no difference between any magazine that holds 15 rounds or less. beyond that, yes you need better springs, and at drum-mag levels, you need a tightening mechanism. but 15 and under is just a box, a spring, and a pusher.

i would be happy with just the attachments back, specifically my silenced, red-dot p250

I’m guessing the OP watched the fallout 4 E3 Demo too :smiley:

I am pushing this old post because the new topic on modular guns is useless. I have to admit I don’t like the Idea of reducing recoil significantly because of a higher tier grip. The weapon doesn’t get more accurate from adding a better material. Actually, I don’t like weapon part tiers at all.
But what I do like is that you could alter the size of the barrel, I’d really like a sawn off pump shotgun or pimping bolts by making the barrel longer.

Half of those don’t make sense.
More damage for a longer barrel, and less accuracy for a heavier magazine for one. What’s the logic behind that?


It’s been my experienc that accuracy improves with heavier weapons not decreases. Brother you just can’t shoot if a full mag throws you off

i’d make it far simpler (and this is less a response to the op which is from july but rather to the topic itself) and have 4 parts then mods.

mechanism, receiver, clip and barrel; mechanism is the rate of fire. receiver is ammo type, clip is ammo count. barrel is accurate range.

have say 3 of each type. mechanism comes in single shot(pump action/bolty. most guns), semiauto (pistols) and full auto (ak, tommy. most high tier). bullets are obviously as they are and determine damage and in the case of shotty shells, spread. have single round/no clip (bolty/eoka), say 9shot (handgun clip) and 18shot (say tommy/ak clip). barrels have short (pistols/shotty) medium (tommy/ak) and long (bolty).

stock reduces recoil. silencer negates sound. holo sight is short ranged, zoom scope is long ranged. flashlight adds light. (laser sight is pretty pointless really). i think 3 mods is probably fair as a cap.

with these parts you can make every gun in the game, although some overlap and may suggest needing another “tier” of each part.

for example: shotgun would be a single shot mechanism, shell receiver, no clip, medium barrel. and worth adding a stock and flashlight for good measure.
you could make a smg/machine pistol with a fully auto mechanism, 9mm receiver, 18shot clip, and short barrel. no stock, but maybe silencers for silent sprayed death.
or a sniper rifle with a single shot mechanism, rifle ammo receiver, 9 shot clip, and long barrel. add a silencer, stock and zoom scope to take out any foe.

I’m… just gonna leave this here…

Portability and accuracy are two very different things, as I said the heavier the weapon the more accurate. The Remington model 700 is comparable to the bolt action in rust. It’s 308 (7.62 for you metric types) 5 round magazine. The rifle feels pretty much the same with ammo as it does without, until you get to clip fed semi autos magazine capacity is a pointless factor In accuracy of the weapon. Now take an mp5 and rip off four rounds and the last round probably wasn’t as accurate as your first but that has nothing to do with the ammo in the mag and everything to do with how capable the shooter is when it comes to subsequent target acquisition, subsequent referring to after the first round is fired!