How in blazes to I use gm_bass

How does one use the bass module? I include bass by running lua_run_cl require(‘bass’) and have tried looking for functions and stuff by looking at the source code for it, and I have searched for documentation on it, as well as other people asking how to use it but I have found nothing.

Please ease my suffering and tell me what functions it has or where to read up on it D:


Oh, fail. Found it. Rate me dumb please.

In case you were wondering.
Where’d you get your documentation? (also, tell me if you get setposition() to work)

Yeah, that’s the page I found, and I’ll tell you if I ever get setposition to work.

EDIT: Yeah it was pretty easy actually, idk what you had a problem with.

BASSChannel:setposition(number seconds)

so like lol:setposition(5) would make it jump to the fifth second of the song.

However, channel:setvolume() isn’t working. I have tried whole numbers and decimals but it’s not working.

Anything below .5 totally turns the sound off though.

Any help on this?

setvolume hasn’t worked for me, either.

Also, I’ve tried using setposition, but it always just turns the channel into static. Not sure why.

I guess bass isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

No, I mean in its defense, it can stream any song, and the best thing is you can access the position/length/all tags from the channel.

Which sometimes doesn’t work, and also you have to load up a channel to get tags, instead of being able to do it by just passing a filepath as a string. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.