How in gods name do I get a texture in a map?

I’ve followed about 50 different tutorials I’ve found to make textures show up in hammer and NONE have worked. Now all I have are dozens of folders scattered around.

Steam/SteamApps/Username/Half-Life 2 episode two/EP2/Materials/ (The file path I’m using.)

Then you put your .VTF and .VMT files in, you can always have other folders inside the Materials one for the sake of organization.

Someone can probably explain it better than me though. Assuming you’ve done it right, you’ll find your textures in the list within Hammer.

Well okay then, something must be up with my vmt/vtf files because they’re not showing up. =/

Thanks you.

Post the vmt here in [noparse]


[/noparse]tags if you want.

Wrote this for a school project, It’s the easiest and fastest way I’ve fund to do it.

A brief guide in exporting textures to source

First of all, you need a texture. You probably have a texture of your own. But for the purposes of this tutorial I will use one from

Open the texture file in Photoshop, save it as .tga and name it something appropriate. Since there’s no transparency in the texture Select 24 bits/pixel.
In this example you could just as well have saved it as png. But it’s good to get it in your head early that tga is better than png for games.

Download and install VTFEdit, it can be found through Google or here

Once VTFEdit is installed right click the .tga file and click Open With -> VTFEdit.
VTFEdit should open and give you a bunch of options. For now, only tick “Generate mipmaps” Because that is all we need for this texture.

Go to options, and make sure “Auto Create VMT File” is ticked.

Now go to File -> Save as. The vtf must to be saved to the folder in:
(Steam install folder)\steamapps(Steam account name)(Game)(Game_short)\materials
I will be making it for Half-life 2: Episode 2 so This is where I will save it:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\paimail\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials

Once saved, this really is it. That was not too hard, now was it?
The texture will now appear in the texture browser just like all the stock textures.

This is just a very, very brief guide. And textures in the source engine can get super complex and advanced. For more information about how to make more complicated textures, Visit the VALVe developer wiki. Where you’ll find just about everything on the source engine.

Hope it helps!

Make sure the $basetexture is the same directory as the folder (example “$basetexture” “materials/mytextures/<texture>”). Also make sure that the $basetexture doesn’t have the file extension on it.

Well I followed stingers tutorial exactly, and nothing. Maybe I have gmod set up on Hammer weird.

Here is the auto generated VMT

	"$basetexture" "test"

This is the tutorial I followed to set it up.

And what is the filepath of the vtf?

I suspect the autogenerated vmt is wrong, as per normal.

Where did you save the texture to?
It might will not work if it’s saved directly to the /materials folder. I remember having trouble with this a long time ago. It’s good practice to always save everything in folders to keep it organized.

Try saving it to /materials/asdf
and then changing the VMT to

	"$basetexture" "asdf/test"

Good job telling him to keep everything organised and then giving an awful example of doing so.


No dice. =/ idk I think I’ll just give up.

Check your game configs, depending on which game config you have loaded into hammer, you’ll need to put the VMT/VMF files in different folders…

ok, Here. Take this texture which works fine for me.

When I put it in this folder for EP2,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials\Texture
The texture appears in the texture browser when I make a map for EP2

MAKE SURE that you are in the game you made the texture for.

Okay so something was up with my game files apparently. Used that brick texture and still nothing. Verified a bunch of game files… now it works, BUT…

The new textures are showing up in the listing, but they’re black and purple checkered.

Sigh God I suck.