How intensive is Rust for hardware?

What I mean by my question is:

  • Do I need a computer with all the best hardware?
  • Is it a game where graphics really counts?
  • Is it a game where processor really counts?

I ask this because I want rust, it looks like a great game. But can I run it? ( I run Arma 2: OA with around 20fps )

Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz
Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics ( No Idea Which One )
Ram: 6 Gb

64- bit

You should be alright mate. Right now the game is poorly optimized . But I have a friend running this on a crappy win 8 laptop. You shouldn’t have a problem =)

Well, I was talking to someone who had an i7, with RAM and graphics being similar to yours and he was getting about…20 FPS. So odds are, that will be your FPS. I recommend you get a more powerful PC when you have the funds if you intend to get a good playing experience. Of course, you can try and live with 20 FPS if you wish.

Cool Thanks

You won’t very likely run it, just warning you. i3 is an entry level Intel CPU, and usually is paired with Intel HD Graphics 3000. Intel HD Graphics on its own is notorious for being shit compared to even AMD’s Radeon APUs.

Yeah, I am going for a better pc. Should I Buy it though?

Well…Rust will be 20Euro when it comes out on steam…You could either

A: Buy it when it comes out and try
B:Wait until its on discount and buy it cheaper and try
C:Buy new computer parts and then try

No. Not until you upgrade, at least. Get a desktop, you will have much better luck playing games. Laptops running Intel HD graphics are not built for gaming at all, and you cannot upgrade them.

laptops are great and all if you need to browse the web and watch videos on the go. for much anything else, i hate em! such a biotch to repair

UPDATE: I know have a i7 4770k, gtx 770 and 8 gb of ram. I am all good :smiley: