How Intimidating Was the First Combine Guard?

Basically a reply to, “How intimidating was the first Combine Helmet?”

I thought it was a kickass model and sorta looked like a Terran Space Marine from StarCraft.

Blurry as hell.
Cant figure out whats going on.

why did they cut the guard? :crying:

he would have been awesome in gmod

He’s basically just standing behind Breen, it’s not that hard if you have half a brain.

Lol, but you focused on the wrong thing, the blur should have been on Breen.
Also, clipping on Breen’s head(the hands), weird posing on the combine guard and the Combine soldier at the right is floating.

Good suggestions but it was supposed to be focused on Breen’s reaction to the ‘little’ bugger in the background.

The Prison Guard is supposed to look ridiculous like something from a cartoon. (He’s running :razz:)

I’ll work on my posing, thanks.