How intimidating was the first Combine helmet?


LOL that is hysterical. Have a god damn funny:)

Jokerface on the right :smiley:

“Fear my goofy, oversized helmet!”

Hahahaha that poor combine looks disapointed, and the posing on the left guy is awesome.
Nice one, have a funny.

Nine dumb ratings already…wait those are funnies, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE?!

Welcome back.

Shakes hands when he walks out of rehab


You actually made something worth a look.


Poor combine man. No one can take him seriously.
A funny is yours.

and his head says 17 WTF HACS


Fear57 actually makes something good and I can’t see it?

What the fuck?

NOOO! I’ve already seen it but I wanted to see it again! Damn…

I can’t see the picture… but Fear… with 22 funny ratings? Fear is funny? Not a penis joke?

And yet no picture… it’s all a conspiracy I tell you!

Don’t hotlink large images! fucking imagefag… I want to see it.

Can you upload it to another imagehost please?