How is/are... ""? Read please.

I just found this WONDERFUL priced hosting company, .
I found them from “Garry’s” title above his picture on this forum.

I just wonder, do you know anything about them and if you do… how is it?
I need a test server too.

Please. :slight_smile:

No privacy policy.

Would not buy.

Its Terms of Service looks like it was written through a generator that had too much to drink. The main page shows an image of an unrelated street with so much blur you’d think the webmaster had a gaussian fetish. Finally, I don’t trust any service that has a main selling point of “cheap!” Would you have sex with a prostitute that’s main catch is “I’m as cheap as possible!” Hell no, that’s the most surefire way to get an STD since the World HIV Championships. Yeehaw everybody, your dick looks like a sloppy joe. Finally, why does it have WhoisGuard on the domain? How would I contact their totally legit 100% business if I had a domain problem?

Anyway, as an afterthought: Coming to Facepunch with a server hoster and expecting praise has been near impossible since ElpisHost opened up. You would have to physically suck my balls for me to give you a better review.

For the sake of constructive criticism: See the above? Do the opposite.

I am on ElpisHost right now, the only problem is the economy for me.

They’re the same price on both providers. Elpis actually has various coupons, making them a more economically viable option. What are you talking about?

My 24 slot server costs $24 monthly…

just use elpis

If it’s a server hosting provider, and it’s under garry’s name, don’t use it. Such as idealhosting or relayed.

I want to say something about Elpis and FP and everything, but I’ll probably be hated for it (and no it’s not ELPIS SUCKS GO FOR XENON or etc.)

In fact, I just changed garry’s title. Let’s hope it’s not re bought after its applied

I doooo, but I am lacking out of money.

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I won’t hate you, tell us your opinion. Please. :slight_smile:
I never hate anyone for their own opinion.

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Oh, and how can you say the same price?
On relayed, a 24 slot costs £8.40 ($12 :3)
And on elpis, a 24 slot costs $21…

“You get what you pay for” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The support is great, never had problems with my server on elpis and they’re generally friendly.

Can’t have been said better

I know, I love their support. They even added me on steam for easier supporting me :slight_smile:
And Yes, I got what I paid for but hopefully somehow people will start buying that damn VIP rank :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like to write my website link, but I know I am not allowed to… or am I allowed to? :o

And yes I agree, I shouldn’t trust them… Thank you guys, now I learned something new also :smiley:

$24 for a 24 slot server is not much at all…

I remember when $3 a slot was considered the norm and paying $2 or less guaranteed your host was shit.

$.50 a slot? Yeah, either the host is really really nice and just doing it for fun or bottom dollar hosting which is about as good as AWoC. Nobody runs a business for fun, sorry.

I was outbid. :frowning:

i would recommend this new host called Ewe Host ( I hear they use the same provider as Elpis and I bought a server and it runs fine. They also installed DarkRP for me and there is 20 people on :slight_smile:

Elpis all the way.

Okey, I just bought a host at relayed… and it’s awesome! :smiley:
Support is great too! :smiley:

Nice going, just about everyone said something bad about Relayed and recommended Elpis
and yet you choose fucking Relayed.