How is Biz on ?

Hello, I’m asking if any of you have used CoderHire for business, and how was your success in it?

I hear they ban you for trying to sell other peoples 5 second huds :tinfoil:

What!? Noo!

Well you can scroll down to the bottom of the site to see the statistics.

8,677 scripts sold, with $64,820.72 script transactions

Personally, I think that is quiet successful for not even being up for a year.

These figures are for the last 3 months 2 weeks.

I’d imagine it’s probably possible to make a living of some sort if you’re constantly taking jobs and making scripts that people want.

And not spending it on ho`s

…damn it.

A few people already do.

Who do that on Coderhire?

Yes, because I’m going to reveal people’s incomes.

I want to repeatedly throw a grammar book at you. I really do. Regardless, Handsome Matt responded to your question already but in a nicer way than I would have. It’s rude to ask how much someone makes.

cought infinite hos cought

I know you don’t want to say incomes and that’s perfectly fine, but I’m assuming Kamshak must be one of them.

To be fair, he’s from Denmark, where their first language is Danish. I doubt you can speak a lick of Danish as well as he can.

You start learning English when you’re about 10 years old in Denmark, he had his chances.

I find it a bit annoying that people make tons of cash with simple DarkRP scripts and here I am coding my ass off and barely getting any money.

Sell your stuff.

Not to take part, but just because you’re starting about the age of 10 at learning english in school, doesn’t mean you have to be Perfect at speaking the language, grammar mistakes will happen sometimes, even I, who got 12 in the final exams in english, makes mistakes and all human being have “weaknesses”. Also Just because my native language are Danish aswell, doesn’t mean i dont make mistakes in my own language, and i started learning Danish since i walk in at the door to my Elementary school?

Im not "throwing a math book in you face just because you cant calculate: x^2 -(2k-3)x + 2k = 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw: Thanks undefined for your great work you’ve put in Coderhire. Really appreciated :slight_smile:

That equation can not be solved unless you give me another equation which only has k/x or define k/x

You can solve for x.