How is it fair gameplay?

So to actually have any enjoyable time in this game, solo players have to build rock bases imo… it isn’t a hack or unfair, its just some people can’t be on 24/7 defending there bases so need to use the map for added security… yes abit OP but meh what else can casuals do.

So then we get rocket launchers, now you can destroy other peoples work without even needing to be interested in raiding. (no reason at all to allow just random destruction at the expense of other players)

then if that isn’t enough, raiders now get ladders… not just A ladder but a Overpowered multi ladder that can hang in mid air on a rock face.

So what about us builders and casuals? do we get any defense? infact do we get anything at all… because for the last few weeks raiders have been given legit Grieving tools and its just ruined the fun for me…

raiding is part of the game i get that and i enjoy it… i also enjoy building and trying to out think raiders… but i don’t enjoy raiders having ladders and i don’t enjoy the fact anyone can just make your base crumble for no reason at all.

sure hack my house or posts down, break in and rob me blind, even abuse my sleeping corpse if u must, you earned it…

You didn’t earn it by building a ladder and knocking my roof in, or by just having your own personal elevator to any floor/room…

so to sum it up

No reason to have rocket launchers, perhaps something more siege like is whats needed. launchers are just op and need to be redone

ladders is a great idea but i don’t think the game is ready for them or they must be some counter/restriction

oh and please sort the chat bug, its annoying it disappear and a total restart of the client is only way of getting it back reliably

I want more active defenses implemented. Traps, mines, exploding boxes, rooms with doors that lock after entering. Stuff that can kill a raider.

Raiding is part of rust, but I dont want it to be only about raiding. It seems like it is becoming raiding only, and it indicates, that you shall only mess around with your base the whole time, or you will lag behind, and be robbed every time.

Why not raid the raiders?

You need to be a smart player. Don’t build in a populated area, you must be somewhat concealed. You don’t need a very big base of operations but you should have multiple scattered around the map in order to have backup.
Tons of other things just use common sense

Try that on a server with 240 players online. Its a little bit too easy to give this kind of advice, maybe that it works for not crowded servers but on crowded servers its a different kind of story.

that takes too much time for a casual and you would still need a base of operation… at the moment for a casual its more like “build what you can” cos tomorrow it be destroyed or raided… again i don’t mind the latter if done right and fairly… time invested vs time invested… i spend 6 hours building something, it should take you 6 hours plus or my stupidity to raid it. not build ladder blow roof, blow floor loot …

why can’t i use my own c4 to rig parts, where any explosion would cause a secondary. u blow my door for example and it causes my c4 under the floor to blow, hopefully taking out the raider.

Cause I dont want to craft for hours (we are talking about base-raiding), as I dont think, that rust’s final goal is to raid bases, and farm for more-more-more defenses and c4. You simply have nothing else to do in the end (I hope that is a yet). Anyone can admit it, farming for bases, then farming for attacking bases even more than in legacy due to the slower pace is BOOOORING. I wont do that, as I get fkin bored after the 500000th tree I cut down. I want to go stalking in a variety of places, with a variety of PVP and PVE in the open. Yeah, I would still upgrade my base, but that would not be everything. I want to actually use stuff I get, and not re-craft it, collect it, sit on it in my castle.

I agree that there should be ways to build bases that are as hard to raid like rock bases.
What I don’t agree on is that there should be just ways to make your base super hard to raid without putting in a lot of effort. Like rock bases.

Making a base hard to raid should need a lot of ressources, I want traps and all that but they should be expensive if you want them to be a good defence, not just elevatoring on a rock and that’s it.

Destroying a base with 3 layers of armoured walls needs about 9 c4 (or 6 c4 and a bag full of pick axes). That’s actually pretty fair since making 9 c4 costs a lot of ressources and time, just like making 3 layers of armoured walls does.

People should not just get free hard-to-raid bases like rock or elevator bases, but I want more ways to make it harder. With effort.

Thanks for the attention.

Play on a lower population server. Those servers with 50+ players are home to many groups of players you’ll be playing catch up the entire time. Getting raided for mats just as if you were a barrel

make a local server, invite friends and enjoy the peace and progress.

But those 50- servers are basically graveyards, there needs to be SOME danger. There are ways to level the playing field between solo players and groups, FP just needs to figure out where they want to take it. Leaving the game completely unregulated in this regard will only hurt the game in the long run.

I think the ability to create better traps would be good. Tripwired explosives and mines (maybe) would be a huge step in that direction.

Ladders aren’t cheap to make and take a fair amount of time to craft. Simply put floors on the outside of your base and boom, you stopped ladders. Damn that was hard. Nothing is unraidable and that is the way the game should be.

Don’t like being destroyed by large groups? Find a server that limits group size.

While I like the idea of traps, they’re largely going to remain useless IMO. Explosive traps and mines for example; as soon as they’re implemented raiders are just going to make sure they bring sleeping bags with them and use their naked bodies to trigger them. Even if they accidentally trigger them, all they have to do is respawn and go pick their stuff back up. I think the only trap that will be worth a damn would be a pitfall trap, because at least then their gear is down in a hole that they then have to dig out of. Even then, that’s only an inconvenience.

You could always have an overhang or spikes on your roof.

You forget to add the “after” raid effect into this calculation.

If it takes a massive amount of resources to build a 3 wall defense layer, after the raid you have:

a) rebuild the destroyed walls back to armored.
b) repair all the damaged walls ( up to 3 blocks away in ALL directions ).
c) have no resources to do so… So you need to regather, reprocess the ore to be able to do (a) and (b).
d) during that time you base is swiz cheese. While you can repair temporary with wood doors and stone ( the change that the raiders leave processed metal behind = zero ).
e) know that your defenses where unable to stop the enemy so you need even MORE defenses = more resources.

There is a reason why most people give up if there base got raided. The raiders on the other hand may have left with not much or they may have left with stacks of resources that they now do not need to gather / process. So there next C4/Rockets/etc … will require less or no “gathering” work on there part.

Another part that is overlooked … you never build one level high. Rockets these days can rip bases open like a sardine can. Ladder can make wall scaling easy as hell so you need sticking out floors. But those floors make it easy for people to twig/tower jump upon. So you need to make barricades and preferably metal because the wood one’s can be taken out with gunfire from a distance ( another 500 metal / 200 sec PER floor for the ENTIRE wall AND for each wall ). And if you have floors going up, you can not just put one, because if they blow one, the can ladder the rest. So you need even more.

I said it before, resource costs are going crazy. The server i was playing on the last few days: Almost everybody is building the EXACT same building now. Cube shaped, sticking out parts, barriers, etc … At times it almost looks like the same people build those bases but they did not.

And the few people who do not build like that… Tried it a few times and you can easily find weak spots, ladder up and access there roof.

Another example of crazy game play:

  • I started playing at 00:25 after the patch. The server admin wiped the server for a fresh start. At 03:35 i get message them i am hunted ( a mod where you are running man. 30 min not killed = reward. Somebody kills you, they get the reward ). But the running man has a distance to target indicator, so you can not really “hide” from the hunters.

I quickly build a walled house ( had resources on me ) with several wooden doors. And yes. The hunters arrive ( people from a known youtube clan ). It took them one minute to kill me. How? They simply checked what room i was in and they blasted two rockets on the rooms walls. The blast damaged killed me on the second rocket. Yes … 3 hours after the server wipe ( complete wipe including blueprints etc ) people already had bazooka’s and rocket!!!

Trust me when i say you can not win against that. No matter how many hours your put into base building. There are only two types of safe base’s ( that require minimal work on your side and a lot of C4 on the other side ) that can be build now. Cave bases because they need to blast into one direction and can not use ladders etc to there advantage ) and technically iceberg bases ( more difficult and more resource intensive ). That is it … Unless you want to build a dozen small hidden bases and deal with all the resource management… Let me make x … o wait, most of my fat is in base x. O wait … Resource management can already be hell in a one person base ( where did i put x, why is z in this chest ).

Anyway … open map bases are worthless. The only people with open map bases that have a change are simply the big clans that can trow resources into the problem ( those guys are safe from small, medium and some bigger clans ).

Overhangs are easy to overcome, it will only stop the poorest raiders.

Agree that siege weapons would improve raiding. The rocket launchers demonstrate the cinematics for more siege-type weapons in the future. More raid time on site setting up would not just give occupants time to react, but neighbors too.