how is my posing

hey i was wondering how my posing is. i think alot could use some work but i wanted help ideas and new maps thanks everyone. here are some screenshots.

thats alot of pictures for one thread bro.
Your posing is okay.
Turn up your graphics though

Work on it, a lot, and max out your graphics. (anti aliasing, etc.)

oh god.
Aliasing everywhere and bad posing. Try to work your angles and never use the explosion effect ever again.

my computer wont let me turn it up on or off. i just go into gmod options right? and click the alising or whatever and should be able to scroll it down to a higher resolution. cause mine wont let me :frowning:

Decent, but needs work.

wow these are terrible.
anyone who tells you otherwise is being polite.

Answer:I recommend that you save it before turning up the graphic.

Question: So you’re saying that the game crash when you turning up the graphic? What kind of video card do you have?