How is Rust so far

Hi don’t own Rust yet but want to ask how its going there? dose it seem good?
Dose it work well?
And how will you point that the system is like right now?
I am thinking abut getting a key but want to know if there is any point now or better to wait
But more of want to know what is going on there how it is then abut if to buy or not

Other than the the cheaters it’s amazing. In my opinion it’s better than all the other zombie/post apocalyptic survivor games.

Thanks man

Well the gameplay is solid, but it is currently overrun with hackers…

Gameplay is so addictive, though this needs more content, fixes and less hackers. Though it is in alpha state, it is doing pretty good :smiley:

I would suggest taking a long look at the numerous threads complaining of hacking. Don’t drop any cash on a key until you’ve at least read through some of that and decide if its something you’d still enjoy.

Thanks… what type of hacking is going on there?
Like is it more of a pain or some real problem? like can you also have a case you will play with no hacker attack?

Gameplay is fun. It’s a pity the servers are down more then up.

Well that is what happens on alpha/beta no? :smiley:
Thanks for the replay

I would say its definitely worth the purchase in so far as it is a game that is enjoyable enough now to play and one you will eventually end up making when the game is complete.

Awesome thanks

You can take a look here and here.

The moderation around here is a bit strange (and juvenile to be honest) and one of those threads had its titles changed. Either way, this place is what it is. Just take a look through there and see if it sounds like something you wanna spend money on right now. The “game” is in alpha so just be aware of what you’re getting into. I’ve seen too many people upset about their “game” experience on here.

I know its alpha why i was asking… i was looking for a tread abut it but did not find it on any early time and wanted to have the most update news abut how its going
And as a YouTuber alpha is even better for me :smiley:
thanks for the link… and ya i heard abut the moderating (think i better delete these tread then?)

It would be fantastic if It would work, but it crashes upon startup!

While there is a lot of negativity with the hacking there is also a lot of positive.

Being honest, I got the game on Thursday, I must have played for about 30 hours since then. In that time I only found one definite cheater. Don’t get me wrong there were some people who seemed a little bit suspect but you’ll always have that.

In those 30 hours, I built some massive tower. I must have spent about 20 hours gathering resources and building it and then we had a server wipe. I didn’t mind the server wipe as with my knowledge I’d gathered I felt I could build a bigger and better house now.

In that time I had a fair few fights, annoyed a fair few people, killed lots of people and got killed lots my self, we got raided by 15 fully geared people while being captive in my house (only partially done then ) and it was a great thrill and buzz as they C4ed their way in to numerous building in our camp, the only reason they got in to my building with the 20 odd metal doors was I opened a door and took a shotgun to the face. The following day when my house was bigger we fended of an attack from a well organized group of players (same ones from the night before just a smaller group), we killed them several times before forcing them to retreat.

Already in that 4 day period I’ve had such a laugh, have cried tears of laughter and generally had a good time.

$28 was nothing for the experiences I have had and I think there is great hope/potential for this game.

I’ve only played for a day. I haven’t been able to play since Yesterday because of DDoSing.

Getting started is hard because of all the KoSers, but once you get a good run going or you team up, it’s a lot of fun and very addicting.

Hi thank you very much for the work on the post

And sorry i will be unable to see the posts for abut an hour… going to go on bus

Just gota remember that it’s still in alpha

played since the start, i can tell you that it has come a long way and will go even further!:dance:

I have been playing Rust since it launched nearly. I put several, probably hundreds, of hours into this game, and it is boring now. I would wait until full launch or wait for the DayZ standalone as it will be way better. Unless Garry steps up his game and realizes he needs to fix the issues beyond bug fixing, I doubt he cares there is a butt ton of KOSing and OP issues in the game. Nor will he ever care, I don’t want to hear about it being in Alpha, I understand this.