"How is the chocolate in the Sky?"

Spy: Never mind that, just turn around for me.


why did you use a CSS map for a TF2 pose?

why are they right at the edges of the screen?

why is the doorway blocked?

So you can’t get in.

Why does the heavy have an axe?


Why is Coach there?

Why is the heavy reskinned as Coach while wearing the Pyro’s hat?

Why is Bubz the only person who hasn’t asked a question when posting?

Why is Coach pointing at the sky and staring at Sp-Medic?

Why are you all asking questions?

Why did you use css maps for a TF2 pose? They doesen’t fit there.


No really i don’t get this at all, edges of screen with TF2 characters on a CS:S Map?
Doesn’t go well at all.

Why is the big guy in a t-shirt while it’s winter :p?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why are you not getting it?

Nice trolling there

Because I have answers.

Why cs_office? You could have used aaaaaaaany map.