How is this admin abuse?

Ok. I’m an admin on a friend’s server. I’m the regular admin. We allow pvp, raiding and all that good stuff. However, we don’t tolerate excessive and targeted griefing of newbies. It is rare we have to deal with that so it isn’t a big deal.

Alright, new player joined. I teleported to him to see what he was up to and to greet him to the server. Bear in mind I’m “naked” without even weapons. I did have godmode on just in case he attacked me. I wasn’t there for a fight. He suicided. I teleported again and asked him why. He suicided again. So I continued to be courteous and converse, and he continued to suicide. On his last time he said, “No wonder nobody is on this server with this admin abuse.” Then he logged off.

So my question, how exactly is this admin abuse? Nonthreatening, trying to talk to him. He doesn’t even have a base yet to be worried about me finding it. So I just completely fail to understand what he was on about.

Can anyone elaborate?

I’m assuming he was suiciding to get to a specific place on a map, I do that when I’m new to a server because I have a few favorite spots. But you just trying to talk to him isn’t admin abuse. Sounds like he was having a bad day.

A lot of players don’t want admins teleporting to them because they think that you’re just trying to find their base so you can raid it.

I always told my players periodically that I do not play the game on my server and I’m just teleporting around to keep an eye out for hackers. As long as I filled people in they didn’t mind.

Also, you may want to make yourself stand out more as an admin. Being naked and having godmode on is just asking for someone to shoot at you, not be able to kill you, get pissed and rage.

I would put on invisible boots, pants, and shirt so that I was just a floating head wandering around. It made it much more clear that I was just doing my admin thing and I wasn’t there to bother anyone.

Plus people tend to get a kick out of seeing a floating head.

I don’t understand why admins use god mode. I have never enabled it on my server. Invis armor > God mode.

Suppose I could do that. And Warm, I use it in case I need to ban a hacker upon seeing him so as he doesn’t use aimbot or such, in case I unwaringly fall off a cliff I wasn’t paying enough attention to see, and other such scenarios.

I think his point is that godmode isn’t really necessary if you have at least 1 piece of invis armor on because it’s super crazy strong.

I always just turned it on as a habit.

The only damage you can take while in invis armor is from fall damage and hunger. If you want to catch hackers you need to use invis armor.

Caught one last night. But I’ll try that method out. More familiar with the map now than I have ever been. So perhaps accidental slips won’t occur nearly as often.

This isn’t necessarily true. I remember we had an event on my old server where I’d put on invis armor except for boots and everyone would try to kill me in a deathmatch. They could do damage to me just fine. Although I do remember there was some weird tweaking and testing we had to do to get it to work right, maybe it was a glitch.

But yea, invis armor is a good call if you’re just out and about admining your server. Less chance of people calling ADMIN ABOOSE on you.

Every time someone calls admin abuse on a server I echo, “admin caboose.” Just a random fact, your post made me think of it.

Make sure your players know that you are just an admin and don’t play. If you do play then you now have an advantage on him (you know where he is starting/setting up shop). Some people don’t want the admins to have this advantage because they are often the highest threat (have the most guns, resources, etc.)

Certainly not what I do. I have a base which I chill in and go about “patrolling” if you will. Most people know I’m one of four admins, and the one most active. I’m thinking this guy just had some sort of issue going on.

Why not just let people be and only teleport to them when they request your assistance?

I think you gotta go invis armor or you’re making it look like you are trolling/harassing the guy with your admin powers.

There a problem with an admin trying to be friendly and welcome people? Not everyone playing online games has to be distant and cold.

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Other than teleporting, he didn’t know I had anything. He would just turn around, look at me, and suicide. Makes no sense.

They can do damage if they hit you on the part of your body that doesn’t have the armor on it. Full invis makes you immune to all damage aside from fall damage and hunger.

Just say hello and welcome. No need to harass the guy. The world of Rust is filled with hackers, bad admins, and other unsavory characters, so anything more than a greeting will be viewed with suspicion.

It’s not harassment. How is an admin supposed to catch those cheaters and unsavory characters if they can’t see them?

Teleporting to an unsuspecting player is far and away the best way for admins to catch cheaters.

Eh? Reading his original post, he made it seem like every time a new player joins his server, he teleports over to them and then follows them around. That’s rather intrusive.

He’s an admin, he can do what he likes on his server. It’s not your place to say what should/shouldn’t happen on his server.

I always teleported to new players, too. It’s really easy to catch speed hackers right when they join the server because they don’t expect to get caught so quickly.