How it will be when rust is gonna be released

Please leave the forum and never come back.

What the fuck is this shit

hahahahaha It tiss funny

well sorry guys, i thought u played infestation: survivor stories (warZ)

That is the worst assumption I have ever seen.

Oh fuck I just realized what this picture is trying to say and it just got shittier.

That game is fucking horrible, why would anyone play it.

The amount of faceposing is stunning

It used to be good when it was first released and the following couple months but now it’s about the market and trying to get people to spend as much as possible.

Calling it a game is offensive

This picture is complete vomit

Wow I finally just got what you said, excuse me, both games are complete garbage. There is a difference between spending in a wannabe-dayz game and a very unfun game that will bore in just 30 minutes. Just because a game shoves in your face things you should buy doesn’t mean it’s shit, but we can agree there are better games. Atleast Infestation was ok fun.

I feel bad you thought this was a good idea. I feel worse you actually made it.


jesus fucking christ i cant believe people like you even exist on this planet

ITT: target demographic of WarZ, facebook meme pages, terrible youtubers and various other things you would consider a collective tumor on the internet

This is worse than a Chris-Chan drawing of sonichu

Looks accurate to me

thank you guys, i had a lot of fun reading comments :slight_smile:

No, I think you actually attempted to make this serious and the second it backfired, you resorted to pretending that this was all an elaborate joke.

Aren’t you a clever one.