How Large can I make an RP map without lagging? (Oblivion sized?)

As the title suggests I want to know how large I can make an RP map without lag.
In ratio to Oblivion’s map of Cyrodill.

YES, this is a second post, but I did use a too vague title on the other.

And P.S. this is my first map I want to totally completely complete.

Largely depends on the computer and the amount of optimization.

Ah, but under your opinion of how well something would do. I don’t need a lot of detail, but a lot of cities

I’m not sure how big you can get on this. I think Hammer’s entire grid is about half a mile squared.

Cyrodil is massive. You’d probably only be able to make the main city

You could most likely make either a relatively undetailed Imperial City or an averagely detailed Bruma/Anvil without causing too much lag if you optimize it right.

the maximum map size allowed for the Source engine is .5 mi cubed, like Armoteka, probably only the Imperial City and just a little bit of land around it, not even to Lake Rumare.

Thanks, now I know what to begin working on “The Imperial City RPmap”

If you’re new to mapping I recommend starting at something a bit lower scale. But whatever, you can do what you want.

ah, I know, start simple

Don’t want to start a new thread so:
How would I optimize a large map? I mean it’s just an open map with some buildings.

Unfortunately source isn’t built for large, open maps. There’s not much you can besides using fog, fade distances and areaportals as well as you can.


They do not optimize maps, only reduce the compile time.

Ah. My bad.

Just open areaportals, right?

I think the best city to do would be bruma. Or just let oskutin make that.

Mainly because it’s small, and would make a delicious RP map.

Bruma always was my favorite city…

Same. The castle holds some good loot. :v:

I’ll do it after my current project.