How large is the map?

I know the map is different in each server and thats its procedurally generated but how big would the map be exactly? It feels too big and I can’t seem to find friends if I ever play with them.

8,000m x 8,000m, it’s helps to pick a server that has friend teleport/home position mods.

its like the same size or a bit bigger than the usable legacy, i actually think its not big enough… takes 20 to 30 min to find friends if you and your friends are competent enough to navigate, ie the sun and hills and landmarks :slight_smile:

Legacy’s playable area is 6km x 6km, but it feels artificially smaller because most people tend to cluster around the area that resources spawn in, around the road.

The procedural maps don’t have dependably fixed landmarks and uneven resource population to concentrate the population the same way. This is something people overlook constantly when commenting on how the procedural maps are too big and too hard to find people on.

Plus people memorized Rust_Island_2013, but that takes time and procedural maps throw up a big middle finger to map memorization unless multiple servers use the same seed.

Also, the map is now of configurable size, between 2 and 8 square km, but this is currently still only on the development branch. So, smaller maps will come back for all of you people who are finding the 8x8km procedural map too spread out.

yes elix deff has the best description of the actual size, i cant wait have a map the size of the entire legacy… that would be fun to navigate. atm its about a day or 2 and u can know almost the whole map at its current max :slight_smile:

Keep in mind too that there’s a lot of nearly empty servers out there so it may seem “big” right now, but go hang out in a 100+ player server that’s not wiped for 3 or 4 months and it’ll be like a Slumdog Millionaire shanty town.

I really enjoy the fact its not easy. It feels like its a mission to find your friend and both survive long enough to meet up and build a base.

Yup. And the biome borders are pretty decent landmarks and following the sun makes it pretty easy to navigate north/south: once you find the border, you can walk the line and hook up pretty quickly.

Its not big enough to avoid the assholes!

Definitely agree it’s not big enough, especially with busy servers. In legacy, it was nice to be able to risk traveling out where there were no resources and build something that was very hidden, using the land as a strategy for keeping your items safe. Especially with cheaters, this helped me maintain healthy stockpiles in secondary bases that were never raided. I rarely ever played solely on the resource/road area and explored nearly every inch of the wasteland.

Seems like with procedurally generated maps, having larger space to explore would make even more sense – if you’re willing to spend time learning the map and navigating the unknown, you should be rewarded with the benefit of obscurity and the risk of more difficult survival.

I’m not suggesting that you spawn over the entire thing though. Something more like:

  • The procedural maps at least 3-5x the “radius” that they currently are
  • The center-most portion of the map would be resource-filled and the only place you spawn, same size as it is currently
  • The remaining outside “ring” would be wasteland completely surrounding the center
  • There would be a visual cue that you’ve entered wasteland area
  • Maybe the added risk of building and exploring out in the wasteland (no resources and low radiation for example)

Edit: Someone on Reddit suggested the idea of procedurally generating around a base map – perfect!