How load Plugin

How i can load plugin in server-side without mods like oxide?
If its possible, show me helloworld example pls. Thank.

It is impossible to do what you’re asking. You need to first install either Oxide or Pluton. Oxide would be the better choice of the two.

Ok, how rust load oxide? I need modification server dll?

This is how i got oxide working when using fresh server files.

Download server files then download oxide mod and extract it to the server files overwriting any file it asks to overwite then run Rust dedicated.exe and the server will load up with the oxide mod. Once done you can close the server and then setup your batch file then next time you run the server it should be ready to add oxide plugins.

For more info check out the oxide website.

I know how setup oxide! I dont need use oxide for plugins, i want use my plugins without any mods, but idk how rust loading oxide. I gues need modify server files and adding reference on my dll.

you need oxide etc to run plugins; they don’t run without it.

that’s a bit like wanting to play a cd without a cd player.

The Rust server does not understand how to use plugins. It has no plugin function at all. THAT’S WHY OXIDE WAS MADE!

No Oxide, no plugins. It’s really simple.

If you don’t want to use Oxide for plugins, you get to recreate Oxide for yourself. Good luck reinventing the wheel.

I just wanna know how oxide loading in server and rule him =\

You want the Oxide forums for that.