How long did it take you to figure out how to rotate objects?

It took me about a week, the whole time I thought I had to rotate objects by pushing them into eachother. This was about two and a half years ago. :v:

So, how long did it take YOU? :buddy:

It took about a week for me too. Strange, considering I usually figure out game’s controls pretty fast.

I guess I’m just a dumbass.

I’m sort of paranoid. I tried holding down use and rotating the object almost immediately after downloading the mod in the hopes of finding some hilarious bug. To my astonishment, the object rotated.

A day, I was looking at the Hint saying I should use the USE button, a day later I’m like, “Ohhhhh, that button!”

Well in my time we didn’t have hints. :v:

oh, i looked at the video tutorials trying to find out how to rotate objects. and it was about ragdoll posing. at some point in the tutorial, it said “press E while holding the physgun to rotate the ragdoll” and i was like, “oooohh” :stuck_out_tongue:

about 4 months. I was at my friends house and he was rotating it and I was like “holy shit wtf how you do that hax”

Day 1, because I watched the tutorials.

Well when I was originally playing GMOD I had GMOD 9 so I didn’t have those nice tutorials. :byodood:

The first time I started playing Gmod (was 10). I looked at the tutorials.

Watched the tutorials…but Shift + E took me some weeks…

When I got Gmod 9, it took a month before someone showed me. I felt so stupid.

A week or two…

took me about a week to figure out how to rotate things, but it took me about 2 months to learn about shift + E

A day, the hints helped me and took me 3-4 months to figure shift+e

First day I played it. Had a friend showing me how to play though. We were in the same room, playing over LAN.

Well I just got the game a week ago. D:

OH, and Tutorials don’t work on my gmod. >.>


The first day, for some reason, in all PC games, the E always does something.

I was on this forum before I got gmod, I picked it up in some thread once. So it basically took me about -6 months.