How long do you think until facepuch fixes the blacklist error?

I love my old server, Im pissed it was blacklisted, Im not sure it was but im now on day 7 of my server not showing up on the rust server list.
Im assuming it was blacklisted, my son and I enjoy playing on our own server.
I bought my server through Multiplay , Ive sent a message through multiplay, facepuch and facepunch help and support.
Ive recieved no replies so Im faced with the reality that my server will probably never show up again.
If I was to pay Multiplay again and open up a new server should I expect it to be banned again? Its clear to me that honest people are getting their servers banned and I want to know what you all think my chance of getting a new server banned again would be.
If I pay again 2 weeks after I payed for my old server and it gets banned again my god ill be so pissed off ill probably never touch this game again and make it my personal goal in life to discourage anyone from buying anything from Gary again.
What do you think the chance is I could get my server blacklisted by the incompetent fucknuts of facepunch again could be?

I was having trouble with my server not showing up after a wipe reinstall. Come to find out that my gsp was having trouble with its control panel and it was not doing a complete wipe so they did a manual wipe and it appeared.

for what ive heard a lot of multiplay ip has been blacklisted , i could be wrong though.
im with revolt which i joined on saturday and its been blacklisted since

At least you are able to play. Others, including me, can’t even launch the client. They’d better fix that first.

lol whats the bloody point in launching if no one can see our servers lmfao plus we are paying for this

Revolt has been permabanned from the forum twice, just FYI. They were distributing, for profit, the legacy distributed server password without garry’s authorization:

I wouldn’t do business with them if they held my family hostage.

You can still connect using the host/ip, so stop whining. I own 2 servers myself and can’t even play on them…

I have the same problem with Multiplay.

I can connect via net.connect but not browse it. I can´t see friends playing on the server. I can´t see the server in history either.

When you use Port 28015 ( UDP ) for the server you have to open 28016 ( UDP ) to see the server in the browserlist :wink:

idiot i bet you had played on them though. and whats the bloody point in doing client.connect when no one can see your server ? what do i do email ip to everyone playing ? lmfao noob