How long does a 1 floor wood base take to decay?

Hi, I just built a 3 by 1 by 1 house, and I can’t play everyday to stop the decay, so how long will it take before my house decays?

Decay starts happening after 24 hours of no doors being opened.

walls and doors take 2 days to decay so you have about 3 days total before it’s all gone.

You’ll need to repair your walls if you take longer than 24 hours

I asking myself the same question… But what appen if I only put 2 pillar or 2 pillar and a wall on the second floor? will it slow down the decay of the first floor?

nobody could answer my last question? Would really like to know since I mostly build small 1 floor base.

Houses decay from the top down, so if you add a 1x1 room at the top of your house then it will decay before the rest of your house.

does it make a difference if I put only 1 wall instead of a full close second floor? And How much time I should gain before my first floor will start to decay?

Thanks for the help

I’m not sure if you need just a wall or a room (do a room just to be safe). This is what I heard about decay: if you have a wood house then there is a timer for 12 hours until decay starts happening, if you open a door the timer resets, after those 12 hours walls and doors will take 2-3 days to decay per floor. So if you have a ten story house and you don’t go on for four days, then your top floor should be the only thing gone maybe your ninth too. I don’t know if this is the “correct” way that decay works, but that is what I read.

One thing you could do to reset the timer when your gone is to attach a 1x1 section to your house and unlock the door (hold E then unlock door) then if someone comes up to your house and opens that door, your timer will reset. Wood shelter timer 6 hours, Wood building timer 12 hours, metal building timer 24 hours.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: