How long is night time?

ever since the gamma trick has been fixed , I’ve noticed that night time can be a major pain in the ass and I usually go afk during it. just wondering if there’s an exact amount of time of day and night on a standard server .

I haven’t personally timed it, but it should be right around 15 minutes. The whole day/night cycle is supposed to be an hour.

I haven’t timed it. There used to be a 45 min day / 15 minute night cycle, but they shortened night a while back. I THINK it’s about 10 mins now, but I’m really not sure.

maybe it just seems a lot longer. but I swear that I’ve had night time last up to 30 minutes

Unless they have changed it, then it’s a lot longer, I once ran with a 45/15 timer on my server and it was faster than the default.

Don’t they still run with the 50/50 default cycle?