How long is the procedural seed No.?

How many Rust Worlds are possible?

How many digits long is the seed for the procedural maps? Given how long it is, you could work out how many possible Rust worlds could be created.

Well, just had a look (I know, answered 1/2 my own question). Taken from how to set up dedicated server:

“The seed used to generate the procedural level. Should be between -2,147,483,647 and 2,147,483,647”.

My maths is terrible. It is a large number (understatement of the year so far). So how many possible worlds?

2^32 seeds, or roughly 4.3 billion possibilities. It’s a signed 32-bit number.

So imagine you have a server to test all the maps. Lets say you can change the config to select a map, load Rust, test the map and exit, all in 5 minutes.

It would take you :-

21,474,836,470 minutes which is
357,913,941 Hours or
14,913,080 days or
2,130,440 weeks or
489,967 Months or
40,830 Years!

Anyone up for the challange? :dance:

already done.

Cool, so which map would recommend? :smiley:

Can we please form a religious cult that insists the entire world of Rust was created in 40,830 years and reject all scientific data to suggest otherwise?

(I’m serious. I am atheist by nature so it’s only fitting that I roleplay the opposite in Rust)

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It doesn’t actually accept a negative number for the seed on the command line.

I hope the Legacy Rust map will still be available. :tinfoil:

I doubt Rust_Island_2013 will be on experimental. It’s for a different version of the game, and experimental’s procedural mapgen has different biomes, where the legacy map is the same thing for miles.

Leave the past behind.

the good one

Over 4 billion. Thank you for working it out. Awesome. And someone has already played them all. Gratz.

I would like to become a member. And I am currently wearing a tinfoil hat.

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Damn. The door bell went and my seeing into the future ability has just expired. Can anyone else focus on what may be?

I do the same exact thing, any game where it’s fitting I play a religious zealot!

The game actually uses an unsigned 32-bit integer for the level seed. However, the game should technically support the same number of possibilities (4,294,967,296) that you mentioned, though!

All Hail King Wolf !!!