How long should maps take to download?

Hi, i’m a pretty new player to Gmod (like 4 days!) & i absolutely love playing on the RP maps with jobs and stuff! But i’ve only played on two really which are the default small town map with the fountain near the spawn area. Whenever i go too start a game on a new game it’ll take well over 30 + minutes to get into a game as it takes so long to download the map or whatever its doing? I’m currently trying to play a RP server which is using the city map? Its taken over 1 hour &10 minutes nows. And once i’m into the game its fast and no slowness throughout the game at all & if i want to go onto a server i’ve already downloaded it’ll take about 5 mins!

Is this the norm?

Holy shit you download that fast! I wait like fucking 2 days bro, I jelly

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Seriously whats your internet provider?

Jeez are you being serious? this is fast? D: and um Virgin Media in the UK

The best thing to do for RP maps, in my experience, is to download them from first. There are usually popular RP maps lots of servers tend to use, so look for one you like that a server is running, and download it.

Yeah man I tried downloading evocity last week and its on like 50%