How long until i get 30 fps?


Just bought rust today and downloaded it in my laptop from 2008. However i had 1 fps (no joke) when i started, but after fixing graphics and stuff i got around 14-15 when running and 21-24 when standing still.

How long until the devs have worked on the optimization and i get around 30-35 fps so it’s running smooth? I know you dont have any exact date but you´d atleast have a guess?

There’s you’re problem right there. You’d have trouble running it on a desktop that old.

I got around 50-60 fps on CS:GO

CS:Go is running a 12 year old graphics engine. It’s been updated, but at the core, it’s still the Source engine that has been around for half a decade before your computer was made.

You ll never on playable level on your machine. U need smth new.
Mb u ll get 30-35 fps someday in 2016 but its not playable anyways.

fluber, i can barely ever understand what you post with all that gibberish shorthand. might want to type out the words instead.

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I think it’s just laziness. Typing full words isn’t going to kill you.

It is not. I just dont know how to write correctly in english.
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Of course the problem is with optimization and the current state of the game. To tell the OP it is ONLY his computer is to mislead him. Even with a good PC you can get FPS issues currently. Think about the reduced FPS during combat also.

As to the OP’s question - I think it will be many months before they get the game running a lot better. I would guess 3 months if we are lucky and they do enough on optimization.

I agree. The game isn’t optimized and even fairly high spec systems are having a hard time running it now.

That said, the life cycle of any computer is about 5 years. Sure, some people can squeeze extra life out of them with some upgrades like video cards when it’s a desktop, but to be expecting to be able to run a game with a likely final release date of 2016/2017 with a laptop (or any computer) made in 2008 is wishful thinking at best.

You speak/type more languages than I do so great job!

Optimization would help for sure, but not nearly as much as updating your hardware. When developing a game, devs consider their target hardware, and 7 year old mobile computing hardware is a bit of a stretch in terms of optimizing a game of this scope.

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I don’t mean to be rude to anyone in saying that, it’s just kind of the nature of development and PC gaming in general.

There is no guarantee at this point that having decent hardware will give you good FPS in this game - as it is now. Have a very good gaming PC will help, of course, but even players with good machines are having issues.

You could easily buy a nice laptop or desktop, with a good graphics card, and still have problems.

I would argue that any self respecting PC gamer should update their rig within 5 years regardless of what game they’re trying to play. Its not hard to pinch your pennies and get a new part or two every once in a while. Unless you’re one of those insolent console gamers that is…