How long until we start getting paid to make maps?

Dear Facepunch,
It’s time to discuss the future of our artistic talents. Is there anyone on here that is getting paid to make maps, textures, or even models? Whether is for a independent company, or commercial company?

I’m interested in what steps you’ve gone through to achieve such a glorious task.

And if you don’t have this blessing, then what are you doing to try to achieve it? Maybe even show off your portfolios if you have one?


Most here map as a passion, Not for money.

This, and:

If you wanna get paid to map you should be at least at a considerable high level. Also, Valves not gonna like it if you earn cash over their backs.

You could ask for donations.

Most people will say fuckoff if you aren’t that good at mapping

I’ve used source mapping to gain an understanding into level design. The idea being, that after my next map, i’ll move over to the unreal engine. What did help though, was putting together a portfolio of my better stuff and taking it to a games recruitment fair and asking devs to look over it.

If you do want to do maps professionally, the easiest way (although it would be longer…or not as the case may be) is to get a job in dev qa. This might mean spending a couple of years at a publisher first, so you get the experience required so you can get a job at a dev. Then it’s just a case of getting noticed.

Become a toilet cleaner at a games dev company and you might be promoted to mapper in a couple of years…

As VALVe said, Do your best, do it for the community and get your content out there and noticed by people.

I believe he was talking about level design, not selling valve maps.

I sell a few models and textures on Turbosquid, nothing too fancy though.

I’d pay mappers for their work, but many refuse to follow Client Briefs.

You better be a good mapper to get paid.

make a GOOD tf2 map.
get it added ingame.
people buy stamps.

Sure, you can be paid for the time you take to map. But it’s nice to map for enjoyment rather than profit.

To be that one guy,

C. Source SDK.
Your Subscription(s) may contain access to the Valve software development kit (the "SDK") for the computer game engine used in Half-Life 2
 and other compatible Valve products (the "Source Engine"). You may use, reproduce and modify the SDK on a non-commercial basis solely to
 develop a modified game (a "Mod") for Half-Life 2 or other Valve products compatible with and using the Source Engine. You may reproduce
 and distribute the Mod in object code form, solely to licensed end users of Half-Life 2 or other compatible Valve products, provided that the
 Mod is made publicly available and distributed without charge on a non-commercial basis

If you would like to use the Source SDK or a Mod for a commercial purpose or activity, please contact Valve at

You legally can’t pay for maps or pay mappers, but that hasn’t really stopped anyone before.

I believe he is not talking about source mapping, but level design in general. I use the skills i have learnt in hammer and take them to other engines, but it is not selling source maps is it?

If you need money, there are plenty of banks with cash. Not lately, though.

In all seriousness, though, from what I’ve seen most modders make cash off donations and freelancing. If you’re an artist you can sell things on Turboquid or Renderosity.

has anyone here tried to contact
sent them an email, still no answer after a week :confused:

How much do you want to be paid for a single map?


Over $9,000

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