How long would it take to learn source modeling?

Source modeling AND modeling in general with absolutely no previous 3d animation experience. And sorry if my tone sounds like i’m underestimating how long it actually takes to learn and all, but thats why I’m asking. And could you guys recommend modeling programs that work well with source? And I realise source modeling probably isn’t different than normal modeling at all, just export options, how ever I could be wrong.

Yeah source modelling is much harder, compiling, adding skeletons, creating collision models etc.

Can’t really give you a real rundown on how long it would take, but some good programs are:

3ds max - completely free if you sign up as a student, used for more serious modelling
Milkshape - cost money but others get it through “creative” ways
Blender - completely free and user friendly

Took me 2 years and I am still shit at it probably because I am one of those people who start something and never finish, so I end up 3d modelling, mapping, programming, wed developing, 2D drawing, sound mixing, video editing.