How many addons is enough?


So im running a Gmod server with ± 60 addons (textures, weapons, etc) and its working fine, there are no problems. Do you think i could add 10 to 30 more?


No, but you can definitely do with at least 20 less addons.

Like, seriously, how can you possibly need 90 addons for your server, let alone 60.

The thing is i have 5 car packs which only have like 2 cars each? then i have the FAS weapons which are 5 folders to each addon i have comes with 2 or more folders or extras

Just keep the download size of your server addons small.

Consolidate your addons. Multi-part addons go into a single folder (such as your car packs are all one, your weapons are all one, etc). If you can’t keep track of what addons they all represent, add a text file in there and just add the workshop links in there. That will clean up your addons folder mess and maybe help with wrapping your head around the fat.

You still need to minimize your content. Don’t think in terms of addons, think in terms of “how much my clients need to download to play on my server”. Assume they have nothing, how much do they have to download? Personally I would draw the line at ~100mb total, and have any additional content require manual download via the workshop (unless absolutely required). If your server is hosted in a region with rather fast average speeds, you can push for 200mb.

TLDR cut down on useless folders and merge wherever possible. Also think about the client downloading your crap when she/he/it/xir joins.

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Damnit you ninja’d me.

Try unsubscribing from all your workshop content and uninstalling gmod (do it in that order), and then join your server. Count by a clock how long it takes to actually go from clicking on ‘join server’ to walking around inside the server. If it takes more than five minutes, a ton of players will ignore your server. IMO unless a server made its own gamemode from pure scratch, more than a single minute is a ridiculously bad loading time.

You can make a “Collection” in Steam Workshop to keep track of which items you are currently subscribed to, so that you can resubscribe to them later.

Thanks allot. I will do that folder thing you said. Im South African and im the only one who has a server in south africa (others have tried but failed) that people really enjoy. At the money i think they are downloading around 180 to 250 megs. I have mentioned this to my players and all of them said its ok they really do not mind downloading even 300 megs. Someone will a very slow line can connect and download all my content in 20 to 30 min or less. They said they do not mind waiting as there are so many people who join my server and say its great. But if i were to put this server in America i would get allot of hate as 90% of USA servers are custom.

I cant even comprehend having 60 addons.

Although SF scripts could easily bring the number up

I tried a collection but people end up stealing my ideas of addons then duplicating it on their server. take a look at the message i quoted from Redfiend

Oh, nevermind my previous post then. I guess download patience is different for different cultures.

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I didn’t mean for you to uninstall anything from your server or to use a server collection. I meant to purge files off your own gaming computer to test how long a typical player needs to join your server for the first time.

I guess so, but thanks allot for your reply! Luckly south Africans are very easy going. Provide good content and they happy. If they think its worth the wait they really dont mind. I asked them this a number of times and they told me the same answer “Its ok we dont mind waiting”

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Ohh yeah i understood what you meant. But im fortunate enough to have a very fast connection which not many people have so its unfair for me to say.

Still, try to remove addons that aren’t getting much use.

Keep addon size to a minimum. No one wants to sit for 20+ minutes waiting to log in to a server they might not even like. It also makes you look more professional. Most servers try to create a “unique” experience by miss-mashing unrelated addons. If you have a clear vision of what you want your server to be, addon number should be as small as possible.

use as many addons as you need for good server, more addons more players
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There are few details regarding workshop collections and servers that need to be specified.

**How many of the addons being used have been repackaged as server content for your community? **
I recommend repackaging models in general. Get permission from the original content creators if possible and make sure to tag the packaged content as server content to keep it out of the global listings.

**Do any of the addons pass the 80mb size? **
Any downloads over the 80mb count can actually cause timeouts for players loading in at a slow pace. This has been an issue for a long while and there has yet to be a fix for it. (Was introduced back when the workshop was made available)

Are you using a downloads.lua to push files to players while joining the server?
If there are certain models you need your players to see on start without be subscribed like custom citizen models use a downloads.lua to force the player to download whatever addon it is from the workshop. (You could also use fastdl [supported by most game server providers] to accomplish this)

**How many of the addons in the collection are only lua based? **
Finally, many addons are just lua files like the precision and stacker tool. You can actually just throw them into your servers addons folder instead of having players download them from the workshop.

“Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away”

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it’s enough when you have 6 towers crammed full of 10-tb hdd’sk, all of them filled with nothing but addons
actually maybe we can still top that

There is a point at which we must stop this meme.

You have clearly passed that point.

I don’t necessarily think that’s true…

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Also, Windows 7 + Opera, what a stupid combination!

If you have to ask, it’s too much.