how many c4 does it take now?

Hey guys,

I know there are many forum posts about this, but after the game update is it only 1 per metal door and 1 per wall?

any difference on metal wall and wooden walls?


Door is two, wooden wall is 1+, and metal walls still take 3+ (not as sure about metal since I just use doors on metal bases and have not tested in the new patch).

If you already didn’t know; there are 2 sides to the walls. Strong and weak side. It’s about placing them right.

Wood walls now take 2 C4, metal doors still take 2-3. Metal walls now take 4 C4.

This was patched and is no longer the case.

My wood walls and metal doors have been only taking 1c4 since the patch.

I’m sure this is not the case. I think something this big would of been released with patch notes. Because this would be very game changing.

I tested this the other day on my server. I did 10+ tests on both sides of Wood and Metal Walls.

From full health with no decay Wood Walls took 2 C4. Metal Walls took 4 C4. There no longer is a weak or strong side.
I also tried placing C4 on all sorts of spots. Off to the side, in the corners, etc. It was always 2 C4 for Wood Wall and 4 C4 for Metal wall.

I know it’s a small sample size, but it seemed enough to feel pretty confident in it.

Yep… Ever since todays patch it’s been 1 per metal door, on vanilla servers… I tested with 4 doors on my own base.

ok Thanks thats what I thought, seeing 1c4 for wooden wall and metal doors… anyone know the current damage scheme? or is this a bug and thanks tastybug for the info

You guys are playing on a Magma server. Magma v1.0.2 has a bug that overpowers c4, its a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed with Magma v1.0.3

oh thanks sleepy loool yes can confirm on magma server

Why do people post the wrong info SO much? People respond all confident, and like one person got it right. 2 C4 per wood wall, 2 C4 per metal door, 4 C4 per metal wall all with full health. Period, that’s it, no other variables. Stairs and stuff don’t even matter anymore.

Like other people have said, the 1 C4 bug people are describing is due to a bug in Magma. So… that’s another variable right there.

However, I mostly agree with you, if not just on this thread but the forum as a whole lol.