How many "famous people" have you killed?

I’ve killed Summit1g twice, and qualityplayer once. I find it really interesting that there is a murderlist, so I wanted to see how many people have killed syndicate, frankie, etc.

Meh, I killed some guy named “Forky” who’s apparently a streamer or something.

Not enough

A few of you guys killed nova :slight_smile:

Who cares?

Pfft. I’ve killed myself so many times already…

Obviously anyone reading the thread/and or posting in it. Except you I guess.

This came up on the popular threads list.
I was really worried before I knew it was about Rust

i shot john lennon

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although in all seriousness we’ve scraped with psisyndicate

and I killed him here:


you sir, are a god

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Pewdiepie in Gmod in a DarkRP

rust subforum

I put an axe through PsiSyndicates throat for the glory of the brotherhood.

Archduke Ferdinand

The thought of putting an axe to pewdiepies throat gets me excited. Does he play rust? I certainly don’t although that would a good incentive for me to play.

Actually come to think of it. The thought of torturing most of the children/beggers/streamers gets me excited.

I killed myself quite a lot so i would say about 5-6 times.

Well people who i consider internet famous who ive killed…

“UberHaxorNova” (1900k subs)
“Immortal” (450k subs)
“Franky” (700k subs)

the 3 above ive listed where their latest videos end right when i kill them. so proof :slight_smile:

as for “leaderboard famous”

  1. quecast - 1189
  2. summit1g - 1181
  3. esco - 1066
  4. ricky rickardo - 958
  5. qmgsaint - 905
  6. raks1233 - 900

basically everyone below me in the top 20… the fact that we are in the top 20 means we pvp a lot meaning we die more than other players. it just comes with the job as well as the fun of Xhatchet Rushing and the DeathSpawn game (start with a T1 gun and 1 clip and kill as many as possible)

only ones im happy about are the 3 famous youtubers.

Teach me your ways

Pewdiepie doesn’t play Gmod lol. You got tricked.

I’ve killed Seananners multiple times, and shot UberHaxorNova. I’ve probably killed streamers but I don’t know their names.

I used to be #1 on the “most kills” list a few weeks ago. I stopped playing since then.

was killed by a serbian :slight_smile: