How many Gmod Addons can Gmod hold?

Im very neat about whats on my computer, and im afraid too much addons will slow down GMod immensly. Im already randomly crashing alot. So i have to ask. Is this too much?
I have the Doorstool
Kunos fixed vehicle pack
Stacker Tool
T-600 Npc
and some maps downloaded from playing online.
A pretty small nuke pack at like 10 mb.

I want to get Dans mega npc pack which is pretty large at over 180 Mega bytes. Im not sure how many addons gmod can take before lagging alot. Im probably just being parinoid.

I have 55 addons installed.
The size of my addon folder is over 8gb.
I don’t know if there’s a limit, but my gmod is working just fine.

if your addon folder is 8gb its gonna take forever and ever and ever to start the game

Actually it only takes about 7 minutes.


Mine takes 30 seconds and i dont have much addons

If you have a good enough computer, it can theoretically have unlimited addons installed. However it’s best to restrict yourself to common addons you actually need (such as Wire/PHX for building, LifeSupport and SBEP for SpaceBuild, etc.)

That what I really want to do. I have a few basic tools and the like. Thats not really what i meant. I know that, if you have a very good computer, you can have as much as you want, but im just a Hypocondriac about everything. Just always gotta make sure its not bad. I consider you guys the pros at G-mod.

A big problem is that a few addons clash and that can screw with G Mod but back before my PC sucked I had a couple gigs.

“Only” 7 minutes?

7 minutes is pretty damn slow.

Theres a limit of like 4000 lua files or something though
And when it takes more than 5 minutes theres something very wrong

For something that is oh so much larger than your mw2 yes that would be very fast.

Addons dramatically increase load times, but won’t effect actual game speed.

Heh. Bump-Bomb.
You shouldn’t worry about addons if you’ve only got a few. I’ve got about 150+ addons and at least 40 of them are 50+MB apiece. Takes about 40 minutes to load too. xP
Anyway, what I’m saying, as long as the addons don’t conflict there shouldn’t be much of an issue outside of loading times increasing.

My addon folder is 2.32 GB as of now, and it takes about 3 or 4 minutes to load.

Sigh…if Addonisimo was fixed…

EDIT: And it is!

the longest it took my garry’s mod to load was 1 hour, the shortest was 5 sec. can you tell wich one was on my old computer?

I’ve got 2.92GB of add ons and 2.61GB of maps.

Takes like 15-30 seconds on my good computer and about 45-55 seconds on my laptop.

It takes me 10 seconds because I’m on a different computer.
But my computer, it would take a minute or so with about 30 addons.

I have 69 addons installed.

insert joke here.

I have 11.3 gigs…and its very reasonable

Just timed it at 26 seconds

I assume untill it takes an hour to load.

But I think when its full a zealot will come out of nowhere and say : “WE CANNOT HOLD!”