How many Grenade for wood window wall with metal bar?

Playing on a recently wiped server, I didn’t have any c4 yet.

Tried to break into someone’s house with grenades but he had wood window wall with metal bar all around the 2/3rd floor.

I spent 26 grenades on his window wall (there was nothing behind the window). At first, I thought It’d take only 11 grenades, but I spent all the rest of my stack for the sake of science!

The wall was then darkened, but still didn’t break after all 26 grenades (nobody on the server, no one to repare it, and I pretty sure I know how to throw grenades to raid someone).

Please answer with facts, and from what you’ve seen since the 25th february update! Thanks for your feedback!

Errrm… 'nades, you say? -

Just for fun, I tested it… took 143 grenades.

Only took 2 C4.

Sounds like it’s bugged.

@SandTiger : I asked for facts, and you send me towards this website which isn’t even up to date and contains false informations. It says wood wall takes 1 c4. Please check your informations.

@Syros : Thank you for the information.

I noticed that the stairs I was putting the nades on (the window wall was on the 2nd floor) did break after 9 nades. It looks like it was taking damages while the window wall was only getting side damages or so.

I’m wondering if it’s the same with regular wood walls or if it’s only for wood window walls. Devs should definitely look into it, and before it’s fixed, I recommand anyone playing on a recently wiped server, or on no craft/rare c4 server to use as much wood window walls as possible :slight_smile: