how many hits to break wooden structures?

That’ s it, i would be glad to know if it’s possible to break wooden structures (like walls, doorways, stairs, cellings, ramps, etc) and how many hits with a pickaxe would take to do the trick.
Is it possible or the only way to destroy wooden structures (aside from doors) is using explosives?


The only things you can destroy with a hand weapon are wooden doors, wooden ramps, wooden barricades, wooden shelters, spiked walls and wood gates. It takes a couple of minutes at least of solid hatcheting to break them.

All other parts need C4 or grenades, apart from pillars, foundations and ceilings which are indestructible (for now).

ok thank you :slight_smile:

From my knowledge its Wooden doors break with Stone - 250hits, stone hatchet-200, hatchet-150, pickaxe-100-150. Ramps have twice the health I believe so it’d be twice the hits. Small spike walls and barricades are extremely easy 50 or less hits. Shelters I think are the same as ramps. I could be mistaken. I do know they are no more than the ramps though.

I think its like 1 c4 for a wooden wall now :frowning: My guildies have been blowing out wooden walls with one charge tonight. So, metal buildings are looking better for sure.