How many hours are you all at?

I’m at 600 :3 rust has overtaken my life

Just at 180 hours and same here, it’s addictive.

Only 800. Work’s been full on the last couple of weeks so haven’t been on much at all.

  1. Gotta balance work and wife and baby and Rust.

I literally didn’t shower for a week because of this game

About 670.

592 hours xD

About 520ish

305 hours. Way too much.


232 hours.


1059 hrs

523 hrs

^ lol im at 524

I have 1 friend over 1000 I just don’t get where ppl find tHis time xD

~450 but i’m no longer playing it, waiting for update

Like, 10. This game is on the back burner until there is more progression stability.

I don’t have an awful lot of time to play, and every character on every server gets deleted every 2 weeks from server wipes. This wouldn’t be a problem if every server didn’t have a bunch of super grinders who make it impossible for me to build a tiny shack without constant KOS and raiding. It means I can make no meaningful progress unless I get super lucky, and even then my stuff gets deleted.

Fun game concept and I don’t mind bug testing, but if I’m going to use my little free time in games, it can’t be as free alpha/beta tester.

Hopefully my monetary contribution mattered to make a great end product though.

Around 800ish total.
Played a lot for a couple weeks but I haven’t played nearly as much lately. Kinda been slowing down my gaming on Rust until the update. Same old routine on every server. Start out, get screwed over, then somehow end up murking a bunch of kevs and getting loaded with items. Every single time.

440-450. Haven’t played since East Coast 1 went down. PLEASE FIX IT FACEPUNCH!