How many people can Rust even handle?

I’ve been playing on US East 3 for awhile now. Most of my 100+ hours has been spent there. I recently went on a walk-a-bout and the size of the island is amazingly large. What is the theoretical max size that the map will be expected to hold? I don’t think people fully appreciate how MASSIVE that island is.

Luckily for you, someone just made a new thread with a full image of the entire island, shore to shore.

You’re misunderstanding the question. I know big the island is, that doesn’t explain how many people Rust technology can handle at at time. 200 people spread out over that entire map… is freaking ridiculous.

Ive seen an Taiwanese 1000 player Server this weekend. Had 400+ online at the same time as far as I remember.

I’ll be upgrading my server to 500 slots soon. We’ll see how that goes.

500 in the areas with resources? Jeez a server with 110 struggles to maintain balance. There isnt enough resources out far and anywhere in close and you’ll be crossing paths with someone. This game with a fully built map, I dont see why 750 to 1000 players cant be an option. As long as its technically feasible. Hell after taking a closer look I honestly believe the original full size map can cater to 5000 players.

Isnt this the sole purpose of this survival game? That you have to survive while you are playing, and in some situations kill an hostile player? Or you like to play on empty servers with no action at all?

The problem is that in the current map, there are only so many resources to really only feasibly support 50 or so people. Any more and you have a problem where it’s just too cramped. It’s fun for people who are already established, but it’s a living hell for people who try to get started.

However, if we were able to use the entire map, I think 2,000+ people could be supported. Although that would require massive servers, which cost a lot of money to maintain.

you only use “an” with a vowel.

I play on 40 to 70 player servers. It feels most comfortable. Even then you have people who will gather metal and sulfur ore down to the last hit and leave stone behind. Trust me dude it gets cramped.


Oh thanks, that was a very important thing to add. Glad we have you here.