How many ppl have bought a new monitor for Rust?

I just purchased the ASUS VG248QE because of the built in cross hair. I do feel a little ashamed but Rust made me do it. Other wise I would have bought a cheaper model.

Now that I have admitted to it I can feel better about my new purchase.

Prioritize killing this guy if you see him in server.

Don’t stalk him from server to server or some shit, but chase him around if you see him. :v:

I can’t even run rust at 144 fps not worth

Just got a QNIX QX2710 from Korea. Runs at 2560x1440 for around $300 US + free expedited shipping. Ordered it on a Sunday, got by Tues at noon. Overclocks to 120hz. Rust looks great on a 27" at that res. Can’t beat the vivid colors on an IPS/PLS panel. Highly recommend! Thinking of getting 2 more for a res of 7680x1440. Hope they put a FOV change option in Rust soon. That would be sweet…

You should be ashamed of yourself and think of yourself as a failure. Instead of learning the game and getting better you have opted for the easy way out and cheated.

So congrats as you are now effectively cheating. You have gone out of your way to purchase an item that will give you a competitive edge over others, which essentially is the definition of cheating.

lol crosshair overlay. hacker )) I have CRT, Old Scool . Advise to you.

I just drew a dry erase dot in the middle of my screen.

It’s only a matter of time before they add a cross hair to Rust. It’s too easily circumvented.


Buying a monitor just for Rust…

You’re pathetic /facepalm

You mean like people that build a new computer just for a game?

Or people that buy a $300 video card just for a game?

Or people that buy a $100 mouse just for a game?

Or people that buy a PS4 or Xbox One for one specific game?

I fail to see how that’s pathetic. If one has the money for it and wants to spend it, I don’t see how it’s pathetic. People spend obscene amounts of money all the time on hobbies.

It’s not Opie’s fault that you’re poor.

i dont understand does nobody put the holo scope on their guns?

That requires scoping. This doesn’t.

I pick up a new gun and immediately have a cross hair. Saves me a mod slot and reduces my investment in that weapon, in the event I die and lose it. If I have a holo scope to burn, I’ll do it. Otherwise, the lil dot works perfectly.

Another retard spotted.

So the computer you play Rust on - I guess you purchased it for work or school?

I use my sights and got used to the game in terms of hip fire. Just figured thats how you play. That being said, its just as pathetic as any other hobbyist spending money on their hobby. At the end of the day, you make your money and spend it where you want. I wouldnt do it, but if I did then anyone who thinks elsewise can EAD.

Quit flaming you two.

Oh so in other words cheating? Not playing the game as its intended, giving yourself an upper hand over others who play it the way the game was meant to be played. You don’t get a scope in your eyeball when you typically shoot a gun from the hip do you?

regarding a crosshair overlay: I have 2 dead pixels that are nowhere near the center of the screen, but I do find myself automatically referencing them when aiming.

Also makes the lonely night sky look like it has a couple of stars.

I also don’t typically carry 250 Cooked Chicken Breasts, 250 Metal Foundations, 250 Stones and 2,000 logs of Wood on me in real life either. Your point?

And if drawing a little dry erase dot in the middle of my monitor constitutes “cheating” - then that says more about the developers of that game than it does me.

Crosshairs have been around forever. I had a grenade launcher reticle for tribes painted onto my CRT with white-out back in the day. Get over yourselves.