How many sets of doors do you use to make your 'vault'?

Vault being the most secure room with the most valuable stuff in it. I generally will have 2 floors with 6 metal doors leading into the room that holds my most valuable stuff. Only way to get to it would be to use 12 C4. I will probaby add another 2 levels on top of that with the same setup. I feel like when you get to the point where you need to use 22 C4 to get to something, you’re as safe as you could be. Nothing in unraidable, you just need to make it so it isn’t worth the time and resources.

My best bases were small, one door and out of sight. I had a tower with something like 80 doors that cheaters walked through to loot it.

I’ve been going with a simple 1x3 design, building it up three stores, with the vault in the center of the second floor. Equal effort to get at it from above or below. Plus a spike wall around the building and I build it hidden in the rocks and covered by large rocks.

Hasn’t been raided yet although I think this has almost 100% to do with the fact that it’s out of the way, not so much with the design.

i put windows wall all arond with metal bars ( both indestructible ) and then do like a labyrinth in the house so you have to destroy 9 metal doors to get my chest

I designed one on paper that would use something like 36 metal doors and works like a snake coil. Has to be a metal structure, wood is useless for a vault. That way they have to either risk blowing doors to get somewhere, or blow down metal walls (which isn’t easy.) I also planned to fill it with rocks and paper to fuck with people but I ended up making a metal base instead.

Me and 6 other friends designed a house. It’s 4 by 4 and more than 16 high. The first foundation has 3 walls on it. and threes two layers of spikewals around it + anti greifing pillars to prevent people building stairs.

lol they not indestructible…

you can destroy anything with c4…

Actually, you can’t destroy metal window bars… The only way to get past is to blow out the entire window frame, costing about 4 C4 to do so…

I have 1 wooden door protecting my stash in a very visible location.

what? no… 2 c4 for the bars. a lot of the time the frame goes with them too.

I got a tower with 86 metal doors on it and a "wall " outside to protect people using ladders to climb up.

However i’m almost giving up from this tower considering i scattered my items arround the tower and it takes quite a while to go on each box -_-.

Please add somenthing like a wall plank note that you can write message on it. This way we could add a message or a code for a message allowing us to know where is what.

My goal is to build 4 towers linked in the air and a huge castle on the middle. So far i got 3 towers with 86 doors ( keep in mind we are in a group of 15 people getting resources ;p its a community project to build those kind of stuffs). Some people like pvp,hunting… we like building crazy stuff!.

I dont really build bases to gaurd my stuff. I build bases to screw with raiders that just raid places. Since in most cases, 3 c4 can earn you 7+ piles of wood + tons of metal + tons of sulphur (for making more c4) people just knock down any buildings door that happens to be out there. So my response?

I make 12 bases of varying sizes. Place crafting equipment inside the base, lots of wooden boxes, and lots of doors in all of them. THen i leave them abandoned, devoid of any resources that could be gained.

I’m sure that they would eventually stop knocking down the doors to any bases they dont know are in use :slight_smile:

All of them.

I also randomly set up large bases with endless mazes of doors in the map, just to waste other people’s C4.