How many slots for this machine

How many slots i can put on this machine?
Intel Quad-core (2.4GHz) CPU
4096MB RAM

Player slots on a server? With your specs, probably about 24.

If you mean Motherboard slots, wrong section (although most have about 3)

There are all sorts of slots on a motherboard :p, plus since he’s linking processor and RAM, i’m guessing it’s serverslots :), although HDD speed is more of a factor than it’s capacity…

Anhyhow!.. I lke talking without reason, i agree with Rolond, 24-30 slots…
But looking at your spec it makes me think that it is your “main” computer?

In which case i’m compelled to tell you that having a server on a computer you are actually doing stuff on is a bad idea :slight_smile:


Thanks. 12? Huh? More accept the 24-30 option