How much do you think Rust will be when it comes out?

Just for fun. How much do you think Rust will cost when it is in full? I reckon it will be about $30. What do you people think?

There’s a forum post about this, already.
I think it’s going to be around 35,

it’ll cost $1000

[SUP][SUP]we are gonna be poor[/SUP][/SUP]

Oh I didn’t see this. I posted this thread just for fun. I like to hear what people think

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Damn I guess I need to start saving up then hahahah :dance:

ditto :smiley:

2012 join date making a joke from long time ago :v:

Ill estimate around 20 bucks for pre order perhaps

Somewhere along $15-35 seems reasonable.

599 US dollars.

-50 cents

i hope around 20$.


I Think Beta Testers should Get it Fo Free For Helping by posting bugs and helping out garry + others

They already do, I’m pretty sure.

They are according to twitter.

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To be honest, it all depends how many features they’ll have.
They could make it a full-priced game.

Free key already got 1 off my mate

Goddammit im too late sigh i wish i had an alpha key…

Get a friend to buy gold or find somebody who does and just wait until the keys get posted keep reloading page