How much has your mapping improved?

I know this is kind of like a fast thread, but I thought it would be more fitting for the mapping section.

Post a picture of one of your first maps, then post a picture of your most recent work to see how much you have improved.

When I first started mapping :v:

Most recent

First map:[/t]

Map that’s representative of my current abilities:


Migga, cant see your first map

1st map:

2nd map:

Latest map:

EDIT: Holy huge images.

fixed it




First image is broken J!m

Fixed it, Filesmelt is down apparently

First map:

Last map:

I couldn’t my first map but, this is the earliest thing that I could find…

Latest map:

Posted my 2nd map 2 years ago (can’t find screens of the first map). I remember everyone not being too happy about it either.

Last 2 maps.

Old map:

New maps:

(this image is a couple of months old)

I obliterated everything to do with my first map

Even from L-Space?



Well, My first map was destroyed in an HD crash, but my first released map was this

I did not want to release crap as my first map, so I spent a long time perfecting skills before making the map. The first true map I made before HD destroy, was not as detailed, but had lighting and such. Kinda blocky too.

I pretty much haven’t improved too much.
Latest release




And this one

Not first, but very early.[/t]

2 recent:

Heres my first map i released:[/t]

my recent release:


When I first started mapping I didn’t know you could have a different texture on each side of the brush and I didn’t know nodraw existed.