How much ingame editing can do, Dirty Harry TF2 Style, Bonus.

I always see people saying they can’t edit, and because of that they leave their picture bland and colorless. I just want to show them how much ingame processing can do.

No effects

With effects

I rewatched Dirty Harry and realized the Spy’s got a pistol and the demo looks kinda like the guy in the beginning.

Just a stupid little bonus.

In-game can do more then that.

Oh? Do tell. I can’t see anything but lighting, DoF, and maybe smudge being used.

69105 displays only in game editing pretty good.

Search for his stuff.

Looks like he uses ingame lighting and DoF and then changes the contrast in photoshop.

One word:


I use colormod, handy little life saver.

One of your better ones

I’ve done an ingame editing tutorial but unfortunatly, got fairly unnoticed :

soldier has downs