How much is a Lua Scripter for DarkRP?

Me and my friend own a DarkRP server we just started and we need custom things like jobs,weapons and other cool things to make players wanna play our server.

How much would it cost to hire a coder?

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For basic stuff like jobs and weapons you shouldn’t need a developer.
You should be able to do it yourself. Here is a few useful links if you take the time to try:

If you really want to you can check what other people pay here:


Depending on what you want done, I can do it. If you want custom jobs guns and other stuff, maybe $20.00 for everything to be done in a timely manner. Add me on Skype:

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I definitely recommend CodingBeast. I love everything he does. Very cool guy. Hey Beast… maybe we can colab on an addon somtime? <3

They cost about $5 in the grocery store. $10 for the fancier ones.

On a serious note, besides the other links, you might want to also check the hiring megathread

$20 for custom jobs? What a joke, should be $0.01

I’ll do it. For free. Add me on steam