How much longer until Gmod dies?

Gmod doesn’t have the greatest community ever, half of it consisting of kids on DarkRP (or any other DarkRP rename/re-skin), the other quarter being “serious” role players that visit any server requiring the use of /me for every single action. The final quarter is a mix of casual gamers who may/may not continue to play it and developers and server owners.

Before I go off on a rant about them, I’d like to know, in your opinion, how much longer Gmod will last before its community and servers mostly die down.

So everything before that wasn’t a rant?!

Not as big a rant as it could’ve been

This thread gets brought up repeatedly and every time I say the same thing.

GMod is not and has not been dying, popularity has increased a huge amount since GMod13 came out which is when youtubers started catching on and making videos of the game, there was for a while a slump of development, which GMod has risen out of because young programmers have replaced those who left.

The game is not dying and will not die any time soon.

GMod is already dead… in my heart.

Who are you trying to convince? Us… or yourself?

Considering many user contribute to workshop by addon,playermodel,etc i dont think its will die easily.
Its keep getting more popular

But aren’t loads of communities going down now? A recent one being LemonPunch

Ok, so GMOD isn’t exactly dying. It’s changing.

The GMOD we all knew and loved is slowly being replaced with a slightly more main-stream community of a younger generation. Many of us who started playing Gmod in the early days have since moved on to do something with our lives (Not all of us, just many), and games such as Garry’s Mod just aren’t something we are interested in anymore. As the old community moves on and the new community is ushered in, a lot of us will feel alienated by these younger players who have no idea how to weld a prop to another prop (hey, remember when that was exciting?), and will wish to leave the community.

In the end, Garry’s Mod wont die, but it will be different. We are already seeing this now, with Scriptfodder, and Cu$tomDarkRP$erver#8310245, and much more. It’s just a matter of time.

I love gmod being replaced by this utter trash:

Like what the fuck, Sandbox should be in the top, we’re in GARRY’S MOD, a SANDBOX game right?

I’ve always been interested on what basis the assumption of DarkRP being full of kids is on. I run a decent size DarkRP community and id say, its not as dire as described, a very large majority of people who come on our discord is over the age of 16, up to 20 people on a server population of 50.

I decided to pull up my google analytics stats for our site, and I gather that Google isn’t interested in people under the age of 18, but the lower ages is still interesting, as out of 152,000 users, it say’s

It means either one of 3 things,

 •  Google is completely wrong and should re write there algorithm 
 •  That the mass assumption that the majority of DarkRP player being really young is wrong
 •  Or that my server is full of grand parents.

Whats your thoughts and opinions on this ‘case study’ you could say?

I feel like since Coderhire came around (and specifically, the shop where multiple people could buy the same addon), GMod died. It allowed people who had no clue how to run a server (other than buying it from a game hoster, uploading addons and editing some config files) to pollute the server browser. Some gamemodes got shit really fast because it was hard to find a decent server. At that point I actually stopped playing Garry’s Mod, haven’t felt the need to come back after that.

I guarantee that most of those are kids that have put in the wrong age, as usual. Most of them would never use their real date of birth. And the 65+ age in your ‘case study’ is a prime example of kids using a really old year of birth.

Gmod won’t die any time soon. It will just change, as it has done already.

I liked how gmod was a few years (like… 5?) ago. Good amount of smaller gamemodes that were enjoyable, but the main focus still more or less on sandbox, or at least it felt that way. I loved building stuff with wiremod… even though I never got too far with it. I try to do that now… but it just doesn’t feel like the same. Feels like I am the only one that cares. Feels like I am too late to the party. Oh, how I wish I could’ve gone back 5 years with the knowledge I had now…

I’m hoping to change this viewpoint with the community I hope to build. It’s in quite early-mid stages, but I’ve been using my free time to make a gamemode that’ll aim to capture the fun parts of RP without too many irritating rules.

Who knows, maybe it’ll feel like good ol’ Gmod RP and manage to bring some old players back.

I’m everything but a fan of SantosRP (both the gamemode as the people behind it) but I think you’ll have a hard time competing with them, because as far as I’ve seen, they have a really well done gamemode that took a while to develop.

Your server is not going to get a lot of attention unless you can somehow pull a large playerbase.

Funny you’d mention playerbase, I’ve had the opportunity to do a collaboration with LemonPunch when I last spoke to Gurrazor. They’re basically on hold until they gain a new gamemode, preferably RP and me and him seem to get along. Thing is, from my experience, they had a cancerous group of rule exploiting “serious” RPers.

Oh and Santos took a while to develop due to having several owners, being unorganised, etc. Personally I think this could turn out a lot better, since I’ve made a lot of progress within this small month I’ve been working on it.

Another quality gaming community you’re mentioning there :’)

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