How much people were playing before reddit and poles?

Hi! I wanted to ask how much people average played before someone posted the game on reddit and later on polish sites?

“I played Rust before it was cool.”

about 30

How many (percentage) people that came from youtube or reddit, actually give to this community and don’t basically “grief” the server?

Teleskop - such a hypocrite… you think only we have internet? It was posted in every goddamn country after reddit did it…

He never said it wasn’t
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You can count me in on those who came from reddit and didn’t fuck it up for other players.

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I was the first Pole

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I’d say around 20
or 30

Before the influx, I’d say about 20-40. The most I’ve ever seen is 38 online.

Basically just the FP community, and even then not many of us. We’ve gotten like a 40% increase in traffic since reddit started playing haha

i didn’t come from reddit or facepunch i literally search Day Z news every day cause im looking forward to that. one article mentioned this minecraft/ day z game called Rust and then i registered pre-beta key and showed up. what happened on reddit?

Before reddit the max I ever saw was like 90

Before you lot happened, the max I ever saw was around 20 or 30, although it usually settled down to 10 on a nice day.

40 people on the server? I think game was totally different then,not axe runners that have no idea what the game is about ( srsly dude killed me in my house and started to destroy my sleeping bag,when i killed him he had only starting equipment,was he jelly or wut)

Somewhere betwheen 0 and 10 depending on the time/day.

Just before the reddit crap there where a few peeks of 30 or so.

Most I ever played with was around 68 at the most?

I remember back when there were around 17 people playing. Now there’s 500+ of them running around.

In the time between open beta and reddit hitting, we had a max of maybe 90 players on.

Okay, do do you guys are talking about just before Reddit, or back then, when almost nobody knew this existed, right after January when Garry started giving beta keys?
Because there was only like 10 to 20 people max.
Then, Garry made a public announcement, people started coming, 60 max.
Finally, shit hit the fan when someone posted it on Reddit, 500 min :v: