How much ram+cpu does one gmod server use.

I’m wondering about how much ram and cpu gmod servers use.(Planning on using linux.)

I need to know because I’m planning on getting an affordable box so I may host up to 6 servers on it.

Also I need a good quality server in Atlanta, GA

Also was hopeing to have each server on 40-50 slots each.

RAM is generally 150-200MB for average, CPU can fluctuate anywhere from 1 to 100% depending on what you’re doing.


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Well for that many servers (Lets say they get quite popular) definately a Quad Core with Over 2Gb Ram.

But it all depends how popular they get and the total number of slots each server is, As you may have 20 servers all 20 slot each but they sit empty all day.

My current servers have at least 18-22 players on it a day I might not get a box as I’m saying.


Also if you know a good Cheap host I’d be glad to know of one I’m one who doesn’t want to be ripped off.

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For me under 64-bit: 256mb-600mb ram, depending on gamemode, how long it’s been up with people playing.

CPU wise, for that many people, you’ll need some really good cores. Matching a dedicated server. The game does not scale well for multi-core spreading.

I have some unknown model CPU @ 2.4ghz, 3 of these dedicated cores. On 64-bit Ubuntu, I can have 32 players, with the occasional spike. Please don’t use Windows hosting/most shared hosters.